A New Supergirl – Day 8

Day 8

‘Fuck him up Jay’ seethed the fat guy wearing the red cap. He was referring to his friend Jay who was about to land another punch onto the face of some kid who had the audacity of protesting upon being hit by a cup of cola from Stu’s passing van.

Stu was sniggering at the bloodied kid. His nose bust, blood spewing onto his shirt. He was whimpering, pleading with Jay to stop.

It was Brad who’d landed the first blow: from behind with a large heavy metal torch that he was still holding as Jay lined up for an open punch to the face.

“Hey I don’t think you guys are playing fair” came a young female voice from inside the alleyway.

All three bullies looked around and their jaws dropped.

A blonde girl, perhaps in her late teens was walking slowly and confidently towards them. Three things made this scenario remarkable: that the girl walking unfazed into an alley where three men were beating up a kid, that she was breathtakingly stunning, and finally that she was wearing a replica of the Supergirl costume.

Jay released the kid from his grip.

“What the fuck have we got here” he laughed, looking over at his buddies. “Super-fucking-Girl is back out of retirement and cleaning up the town, huh boys?”

Jay’s boys were acting like they’d never seen a girl before. Well, at least a not a girl looking like this.

The teenager strode confidently into the middle of the three burly men as they formed a loose circle around her. Earlier in the evening she had felt remarkably confident looking in her bathroom mirror, but out here, as the three tall men encircled her, she felt a twinge of nerves. But she wouldn’t show it

“Actually, the old Supergirl retired. I’m the new Supergirl”

“You hear that? The new Supergirl!” howled Jay, looking to his buddies for a laugh. The two other men reciprocated with a mocking, menacing laugh.

“It’s my first night. Like, out here. In my costume”

And what a costume. All three men couldn’t decide what to take in first. Each of their eyes flickered from the sexy red boots which clung perfectly to her toned calves, which led upwards to her long shapely toned thighs, topped with a very short skirt which seemed to barely overlap what the guys could imagine would be a tight ass.

Supergirl with her arms folded across her breasts

From the skirt upwards the costume seemed to cling to her body like a shiny blue second skin, accentuating her incredible toned body. The three men could make out the rippling of rock-hard feminine abdominals through the tight costume as she breathed slowly. The girl obviously worked out.

But as their eyes tried desperately to absorb this visual feast, all three men couldn’t help but stare at the girls phenomenal breasts. Sitting proudly on her chest were the most incredible, firm breasts the men had ever seen. They were mesmerising – straight out the minds of a million men’s fantasies and placed onto the chest of this teenage woman.

They weren’t massive – probably a double D cup – but each resembled a perfect natural teardrop shape, and probably because her waist was so tiny and her blue spandex costume so tight, they were beyond perfection.

The familiar yellow ‘S’ stretched over her magnificent bust, only punctuated by the slight protracting of the girl’s nipples. Jodie has felt a little conscious as they poked out back in her apartment, but seeing the men’s eyes fixated by them, she felt a sense of empowerment.

Jay was the first to approach the girl.

“Well well well, look at what we got here” he said as he slowly circled her, taking in every little detail he could, eventually stopping just inches in front of her.

Although attention was quite rightly directed to incredible body, Jay was struck by just how beautiful the girl was. She mustn’t have been much older than eighteen or nineteen and although she was strikingly stunning she was a real cutie. He took in everything about her: the silky blonde hair that fell just below her shoulders, piercing blue eyes, and stunning tanned skin.

Jodie looked at the man now in front of her. Even without her heightened senses, she could smell the alcohol on their breath. And the way he and the others looked at her made her feel queasy – but she knew she had to get used to it. Even as a woman, seeing Supergirl on TV brought about feelings of lust she’d not experienced before. She was never sure whether it was the costume, her incredible power, or just because of that incredible body. Either way, she felt for the guys now standing in front of her – they were just giddy with a mix of lust, excitement and lord knows whatever else.

“See, I met with the real Supergirl a while back” smiled Jay as he took a small step towards Jodie. “And darlin’, however good this here costume looks on you, Supergirl you ain’t”.

Jodie smiled. He, like the rest of the world had no idea what happened eight days ago.

“So I know you be thinking you’re all brave doing some vigilante shit out here trying to save the kid over there, you’re in a lot of trouble baby”.

Jay lifted his hand from his side and lightly placed it against the young woman’s hip, sliding it gently upwards savouring the smoothness of the material that clung to her tight torso, and then feeling of that tight, toned body.

This was going to be the best night of his life. He’d already made up his mind he’d do twenty years back in jail to fuck this girl.

Jay’s eyes darted from looking at where his hand was heading, back to Supergirl’s eyes that were looking straight back at him. His cock had already stiffened at the prospect of groping the teenagers magnificent breast, but as his palm just touched the underside of her boob, the girl had already place her petit hand over his and peeled it from her body.

“We’ve only just met and you’re already trying it on?” smiled the teenager.

Jay grunted as he attempted to pull his hand from her grip but found he couldn’t. He looked at her slender hand that gripped his hand like a vice, and back at her.

“Call me old fashioned” smiled the girl “but I prefer to get to know a guy before I let him fondle my tits”.

Jodie then began to increase her grip on Jay’s hand, ensuring she did it slowly as not to completely mangle it. Jay struggled at first, and Jodie saw fear enter his eyes as she felt the first ‘pop’ of a bone breaking. He screamed but the girl didn’t relent. Another ‘pop’ and Jay fell to his knees, pleading with the girl to stop.

In a split second one of the other guys, Stu, reacted and went to slap her. But for Jodie, everything appeared to happen in slow motion. One second she was looking down at the fat mid-thirties man she was holding on to, and the next out of the corner of her eye she noticed the guy with the cap spring into action, but incredibly slowly.

As Stu raised his hand and was about to strike at her, Jodie had already thrust her free hand to grab him around his neck. Brad, standing a couple of feet in front of the girl, muttered to himself as he witnessed first hand the incredible super speed of the girl. Both Jay and Stu were now incapacitated in the hands of the girl.

Jodie looked down at Jay and gave him an extra little squeeze for good measure that snapped another three small bones in his hand, before she let go.

Jay turned away to nurse his broken hand which was already starting to bruise, as Jodie turned her attentions to Stu who was scrabbling to remove her hand from his neck.

“What was it you said earlier, about me not being Supergirl?” said Jodie, directing her question at Jay on the floor.

From the ground Jay looked at the girl who’d just pulverised his hand. She now had Stu around his neck, and even when hiding his blackened hand from the cold and witnessing what was about to happen to his friend, Jay couldn’t help admire the girls legs – they were so long. And shapely. And toned. And tanned. And those red boots were so tight against her magnificent calves.

“I asked you a question” demanded the girl who was now looking down at him.

“Listen little lady, I didn’t mean no harm” protested Jay as he tried to move back from her.

Jodie smiled. It was the first time she had the pleasure of seeing a man truly scared of her. She’d be lying if she said she didn’t like it.

“See, if I wasn’t Supergirl” said Jodie looking back at Stu, “then how would you explain this”.

And with that Jodie adjusted her hand to grip Stu around the underside of his chin. She then did what she’d seen Supergirl do on a news channel years earlier: she slowly lifted the man into the air with just a single hand. Jay watched as her arm extended upwards and Stu’s feet slowly left the dirty gravel.

As a natural reaction and to ease the pressure on his neck, Stu had both hands around Supergirl’s wrists. But the chances of forcing her to let him go were zilch.

Jodie looked up at the man who was now dangling from her petit right hand and flashed him a cute smile. She wanted him to feel the full spectrum of confusion that she’d read men had when faced with Supergirl: on one hand this gorgeous, sexy young woman with the most incredible face and body that men and women lusted over. But on the other a girl with the strength of tens or hundreds of men and not afraid to use it.

Jay tried to scrabble away further. He’d met Supergirl not so long ago, and this girl was different. Was there two of them? Or maybe more?

Stu looked down at the girl. Even though he was struggling to breath, he couldn’t help but admire her from up here.

Jodie noticed a large pile of plastic bin bags full with garbage stacked against the wall, just like on the movies. She smiled.

As she started to bend her arm, Stu tried his hardest to say sorry and that it wouldn’t happen again. Supergirl smiled. She wished Stu a happy landing as she effortlessly drew back her arm and slung him across the yard. His flailing body landed over thirty feet away in the middle of the refuse bags and he disappeared amongst all the rotting vegetables and meat.

Jodie smiled and inadvertantly let slip a slight giggle as she marvelled at what she’d just done. Her thoughts were punctuated by the sharp sounds of a flick and she looked over to Brad who’d released his blade on his knife.

“Don’t do it Brad’ implored Jay as he was still trying to discreetly get away.

Jodie laughed. She knew that this simple knife had no chance of harming Supergirl, but a tiny part of her had a twinge of doubt.

The young teenage Supergirl turned to face the big stocky man. The kid with the bloodied nose looked at the scene unfolding before him. To his left was this brute of a man brandishing a menacing knife. To his right, the quite stunning silhouette of what he could only describe as a young goddess with the most incredible face and body he’d ever seen.

In any other circumstance the girl wouldn’t have stood a chance. But Jodie, fresh from throwing Stu across the yard and now watching this man’s face contorted with fear, oozed a confident attitude.

She folded her arms across her chest squeezing her boobs together slightly and revelled in her sexual prowess the men, even in their current predicament, couldn’t help but notice.

“Do you really think you can hurt me with that little thing?” asked the Supergirl.
Brad looked down at the blade and back at Supergirl. She raised an eyebrow.
“I’m warning you. Stand back”.
“Stand back where” she smiled mockingly looking around her.
Brad didn’t know what to do next.
“Put it this way big guy, I’m taking all three of you to the police. The only way out is to get past me.”
She WANTED him to test her.
Brad looked at the knife and looked over at Jay who was shaking his head. His hands were shaking and he couldn’t hold the knife steady out in front of him.
This hadn’t gone unnoticed by Jodie and it even more increased her confidence.
In a split second Brad lunged forward onto his left foot and using all the strength he could muster plunged his right hand holding the blade into the teenagers stomach.
Of course Supergirl was this all in slow motion, and although there was a twinge of apprehension, she knew this man and this blade stood no chance against her new body.

And she was right.

The tip of the blade snapped off under the enormous pressure that Brad had the metal into her stomach. Unfortunately for Brad, when he opened his eyes he was down on one knee, his arm thrust into the girls midriff, and there was clearly no damage to her.

Arms still folded Jodie looked down at Brad over her heaving boobs and smiled as they eyes met.
In an instant the girl grabbed Brad’s hand and with her other hand took the blade.
The big man daren’t move as the girl held it up vertically and with just her thumb bent the blade in two.
Jodie dropped the mangled knife on the floor nonchalantly. “Please Miss, I didn’t know you were… y’know, Supergirl and all that.”
Jodie looked down at him incredulously.

“You heard me crush your friends hand, before I then lifted your other friend up into the air and throw him across the alley.”
Brad couldn’t help but stare at her wonderfully tanned, toned legs which were now just inches from his face. He’s always been a sucker for knee high boots and he couldn’t reconcile that he was so close to the sexiest girl, with the sexiest legs, wearing the sexiest tight boots.
All he wanted to do was touch her and touch her boots.

“Should have listened to your friend Brad” giggled the girl looking over to Jay who she now noticed was further away.

“Should have listened to your friend Brad” giggled the girl looking over to Jay who she now noticed was further away.

“You’ll be charged with attempted murder now you know.”
But Brad had other plans. Whilst Supergirl was momentarily distracted he pulled out a second, smaller knife out of its sheath

Being very stupid the man let out out a battle cry of “Fuck you, bitch” before plunging it into the girls leg.

Again, it was like stabbing a wall of rock. Jodie looked down and saw the small blade on the floor.

“A fucking bitch?” said Jodie raising her voice in anger. Without really thinking she pulled back one of her long, slender legs and kicked Brad in the side of his abdomen. The strength and veracity of the teenagers kick sent the man flying about a foot into the air for over twenty feet before his body hit a wooden fence.

Jodie immediately felt a twinge of guilt as his body remained motionless. Was he dead? Being kicked that hard could certainly kill a man.

She walked slowly across to his body which was now slightly contorted against the fence. She could hear a very feint heart beat inside his chest, leading her to believe he’d be okay.

Meanwhile Jay, taking full advantage of these events was now running for the exit to the alley. He looked over his shoulder to see the girl studying Brad’s body and took a few more strides before checking again. She wasn’t there any more. And then in a flash it was like he’d run into a solid brick wall.

Jodie stood over him hands on her hips.

“Please, Supergirl, I beg you please.”

Jodie could help but enjoy the feeling this grown man now scrabbling to his knees, begging her to let him go.

“Get up” the girl ordered. Jay got to his feet quickly, but refused to look her in the eye.

“Look at me” Jodie said gently. Jay did as he was told. “I want you to take a good look at me for ten seconds and take in every bit of my body and face”.

“Is this a joke” protested Jay. Was it a trick?

“No. When you get picked up by the police you are going to describe in perfect detail what I look like. You are also going to tell them what I did her today to you and your two friends. Understood?”

Jay nodded.

Jay started the enviable process of studying the girls perfect body and face. The gorgeous long legs, tiny small waist and the definition of her arms under that skin-tight costume.

“Take particular note of my chest” smiled the teenager. Jay looked up and Jodie raised her eyebrows guiding him down to her chest. One of her fingers slowly traced the ‘S’ shield across her chest. Jay was completely mesmerised.

Now, to make sure you don’t get away. Jodie grabbed the back of Jay’s jacked and pulled him along with her to the side of the alley.

She placed one of her pretty, slender hands on one of the metal gate bars and ripped one end slowly from the frame. She pushed Jay into place and then using her incredible strength wrapped the thick metal bar around his torso, preventing him from escaping anywhere.

Jodie patted the man on his shoulder. “There. You won’t be leaving here in a hurry. I’ll be calling the police now”.

With that the girl turned and walked over to the kid who’d remained rooted to the spot.

“Hey?” She said approaching him. He struggled to look at her because the truth was, he didn’t know where to look. She was achingly beautiful.

“Are you okay?” she asked the guy. Looking at him, and trying to ignore the blood that covered his face, she guessed he wasn’t any older than him. Maybe eighteen, nineteen.

“Y… yeah, I’m fine, thanks. You, er… Well.. thanks for helping me out”.

Jodie giggled and looked at the carnage behind her. Two were unconscious and one had a thick metal bar wrapped around his torso.

“Its my first day. Out here as Supergirl”.
“I heard you say. You did a pretty good job”
Both teenagers laughed.

“Are you okay going back home?” she asked.
“Oh.. yeah, thanks. I was just round the comic shop and took a short cut through here. I live just up the road”
Supergirl smiled. It was clear she was making him a little uncomfortable. But she kind of liked it.

Jodie was about to ask the kid to make the call to the police and then head off. But she liked his attention. She liked the way he was so overwhelmed that he struggled to maintain eye contact. It was cute.

“What’s your name?”
“Well David, you know, maybe you shouldn’t take this shortcut any more.”
The kid laughed.
“Because, you know, maybe next time I won’t be there to save you”.
It was nearly all too much for David. He felt like he was about to explode.

Jodie smiled a really cute smile. She was really overwhelmed by her sexuality and how she was making him feel and how she was making herself feel.

She slowly leaned in, eyes closed and kissed him on the lips. It took him a little by surprise and didn’t initially respond. Jodie pulled back a little.
“Oh, I’m sorry” a little coy, “Girlfriend?”
“No, no.. I just wasn’t expecting that”
Supergirl smiled and took a step forward and kissed him again. This time a little longer as David reciprocated.

After a couple of seconds Jodie pulled away a little.
“I was telling that guy back there that I preferred to get to know a guy before I let him touch me”
David gulped. A really loud gulp.

She slowly took David’s hand, brought it up to her chest and placed on the underside of her breast. David’s eyes widened as the girl then squeezed his hand, motioning for him to do the same.

He looked down at her fabulous breasts and at his hand that now sank a little into her bosom. Just touching this girl and feeling the shiny, smooth fabric that clung to her body like a second skin would have been enough. But as he squeezed her boob slightly he noticed with enormous satisfaction that Supergirl was taking immense pleasure from his actions.

Jodie held her head back just slightly with her eyes closed as David caressed her tit. It felt so unbelievably good, so satisfying. David had already placed his other on the side of her torso and it was making its way down her hip and onto her thigh.
“Good boy” she thought to herself.
His hand travelled south, over her tiny skirt and onto her bare thigh which felt as soft as satin.
Still kissing, he pulled her leg up and ran his hand back long her leg to the underside of her skirt, gently groping her cheek.

All the while Jodie was enjoying the intense sensations she’d never expected just simply from fooling around with clothes on. Her eyes closed she experienced a feeling like she’d never had before. Her skin was so sensitive, her mind so filthy, and she felt so wet.

Even Jay, imprisoned by the wrapped iron bar was aroused and he was the first to see the two men in uniform enter the yard.

“Whats going on here then?” shouted the taller one seemingly to no one.

Jodie snapped out of her arousal and looked over to the two policemen.

“Shit” she muttered under her breath.

She pulled away from David and studied the two uniformed men. Both men were taking in the scene and distracted by Jay by the gate and then the two unconscious men on the floor.

“This isn’t the right time for this conversation” she said to herself. She didn’t want to answer questions, especially to two men on the beat.

“Sorry David, but I’m going to have to shoot.”
David looked crestfallen.

“Sorry. Perhaps a different time and different place.”

David tried to mentally take a snapshot of Supergirl before she left.

Jodie took a couple of paces inside looked up into the night sky, bent her legs and propelled herself up into the air with the grace of a ballet dancer.

David, just like in the films took a couple steps to stand exactly where she’d taken off and looked up at her trail.

60 feet above into the pitch black sky, Jodie stood on the ledge looking down on the alley. Just because she hadn’t figured out this flying lark didn’t mean she couldn’t suggest that she could.

The two officers were standing by Jay listening to his protests whilst both trying to bend the iron bar to free him. She smiled at their efforts.

David was now walking towards them.

Supergirl turned and began walking across the rooftop. That brief few seconds with this boy she’d never met was intense. Such intense feelings and emotions for a guy that she didn’t even find all that attractive.

Perhaps she enjoyed the feeling of power over him. Not just the strength and stuff – although that did play a large role – but the sheer sexual power she had over him and the other men. They all wanted her so badly. She knew they all just wanted to touch her, to touch her flesh, to run the hands up her skirt or across her chest. And she liked it. She really liked it.

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