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Excelsia 2 is available, and its awesome (7 photos)

So I already posted a bunch of photos and a trailer to Excelsia 2 a week or so back. It was released earlier this week, I downloaded it, and I loved it.

I’m not really into the whole beating up stuff, but I guess if you were, this’d be right up your alley. What I liked about it was how she approached the bad guys, her arrogance, her power, etc.

The actress is HOT. Really hot. Not a blonde bombshell that The Battle for Earth have used recently, but this time a really pretty woman that really wears the costume well, and is a really good actress.

Overall I liked it. If you’re into all the belly punching, etc, then get it. If you’re not, and you have a spare $30.95 I think its well worth it.

Well done to The Battle for Earth again for a really excellent production.

Format – MP4
Running time – 26:30
Price – $30.95
Download Link –

Some blurb from their website after some photos.

Contains: Male/Female Combat, 2 on 1, Belly Punching, Face Punching, Low Blows, Ground Work, Kicks, Bear Hug, Bondage, Debooting, Heroine Fatality by gunshot

When she was 8, our heroine’s mother was killed by a powerful crime boss. She never forgot. After learning how to fight from life on the streets, she came by Excelsia’s power suit, which was discarded shortly after Excelsia met her demise. Call it fate or simple coincidence, the surge of power the suit gave our heroine changed her direction, and allowed her to begin tracking the man that killed her mother. An insurgence of sex trafficking has the city in an uproar. Taking time from leaving common criminals subdued for police in the morning, she infiltrates the trafficking ring and realizes it feels like she might be getting close to her mother’s killer. To get face to face with him, she must endure an violent beating dished out by two soulless mercenaries. She’s powerful as hell, and most pose no match for her skills, but these men are trained killers, and their boss is very annoyed at this caped annoyance that has interrupted his flow of capital. Will she find her mother’s killer, and if so, will she even have enough strength to do anything about it? Find out how she fares in Excelsia 2.

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