Melissa Benoist behind the scenes on episode 3 of Supergirl (11 photos)

CBS are shooting episode 3 of Supergirl, and here are some awesome behind-the-scenes photos of Melissa Benoist taking some time out in her Supergirl costume.

As usual she looks gorgeous in the blue and red costume. I’m still not 100% convinced. My guess is this – When they were positioning Supergirl for TV, they thought that creating a sexy Supergirl with superheroine proportions – big boobs, small waist, long legs, etc – would be great for the guys but not so good for girls aged 8+.

And the reality is that guys wouldn’t actively watch it at Primetime (or admit they do), whereas by positioning Supergirl at young/teenage girls, there is a mass audience there.

And its definitely the right commercial decision.

A Supergirl that just walked off the set of a teenage boys wet dream would only alienate the intended audience, and I think that Melissa was chosen because she pulls off the look of a superheroine, but she doesn’t ooze sexiness – she’s more kind of meek girl-next-door. The kind of look that suggests that she is still coming to terms with her powers, etc, etc. Rather than the dominant Baywatch style girl that I think most men would have preferred!

Oh… and the other reason is that she is a really good actress.

One thought on “Melissa Benoist behind the scenes on episode 3 of Supergirl (11 photos)

  1. I will be going through a lot of lotion and tissues while watching this show. But I don’t think the show will last.

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