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  1. First, I respect your work and it is really great – when it is done. The problem is that you can´t do it in a regular basis. You make promisses… a lot of them… new photos, new comics, new sites… but sometimes you just can´t deliver anything. Then, people just can´t believe in your promisses.

    I tried to send emails, ideas, I offered help… and there was no interest from you… I have shared http://www.thefemalefuture.com/ … and it never happened. I don´t know if you are one person or a group under one single name/login/avatar…

    I´m not saying you must give it up. Never. But you should get a new name, new domain, change the way the project happens… (maybe doing like projectsuperwoman)… You have to start something new and be organized. You can do incredible things, but you need to be organized, so people can trust you.

    Sorry if the message is somehow confuse. English is not my native language.

  2. Jon, I’d like to see more vids of Miss Power (especially played by Danica Trall), Sonic Girl and Wonder Babe, all with spinning transformations. I prefer especially Miss Power and Sonic Girl to do some time travel adventures with them super-spinning back in time. 🙂

  3. What about that FemaleFuture video that was supposed to come out at the end of last year? Release that. I have an email with screenshots from the video so it must be finished. How about giving it to us this week?

  4. I would go with whatever makes it most likely for you to release content. The comics you used to release were outstanding and the movies were pretty darned good too.

    All the best and fingers crossed you can get it off the ground.

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