Kara vs Ultragirl from The Rye – now available

The big one! The gorgeous Kara takes on Ultragirl in this new movie from The Rye.

Some stills:


Here is the blurb:

Kara shows up to investigate the Maxwell estate after so many girls have disappeared. She runs into Amber (UltraGirl) but all is not what it seems. Amber is being mind controlled by a nefarious villain who wants to add Kara to his collection and pick up where David Maxwell left off!

Kara holds back at first but its clear that she must defeat Amber in order to save her. Unfortunately for Kara, the villain behind Amber’s mind control decides to join in! Kara is overwhelmed and cannot stand against both Amber and her new Master.Kara suffers a humiliating defeat and a final Farwell in a hopeless battle.

This movie contains FvsF, MvsF, 2vs1, low blows, bearhugs, back breakers, leg stretching, upskirts, beatdowns, epic Whipping scene, KO’s, and a final KO! Running time 34 minutes

Download from SHG-Media

4 thoughts on “Kara vs Ultragirl from The Rye – now available

  1. Do you know something Jon? Your site could be as amazing as these others if only you’d stop obsessing over what other people are doing, and instead focus on your own site. Charging $14.95 for a low res video that only lasts 7 minutes isn’t going to get you far. I can get 3 HD vids from PSW for that.

    Your photoset links don’t even work, so no-one can buy anything! You’re a joke, and have been going downhill since 2012. Your prices are extortionate. Go back to the monthly model instead of conning people out of money for poor quality old content from years ago. I personally downloaded your old sites from torrents, because hardly any updates were forthcoming.

    Daubster’s a joke, HeavenlyHeroines has disappeared, because Mike sadly died. ProjectSuperwoman is the king right now, they’re getting my money. Your setup has got worse, bloated, and overpriced. No doubt you’ll delete this comment like the coward you are, who is obsessed over other higher qualoty sites. Are they paying you to advertise for them, so you’ve given up on your own joke?

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback dude!
      PSW are doing great, and the content they deliver is great.
      And I’m really happy the PSW website is doing well because it all adds to the plethora of content in the superheroine universe we can all enjoy.
      We’re not really in competition with each other – I think you’d find that everyone that runs a paid or unpaid website in this space loves the genre, and we do it for the love of creating something.
      And whilst I appreciate the undercurrent of a compliment in your comments, you’re saying I should go back to a monthly model, whilst also saying you download the stuff that I created from torrents.
      You’re a shining example 🙂

  2. Hi Jon, I just happened to come across this rather vitriolic comment from James. He seems like quite an angry chap and has little of merit to offer in his really odd rabt at you. I for one disagree, I have loved the stuff you produce although I have to admit that I particularly enjoy the peril videos and I have to say that Sarah is probably the hottest Supergirl I have seen online despite not being blonde. Admittedly I would love to see more content and am happy to part with my money for what you have already put up and the future ones coming. I think the costumes are some if the best I have seen, they are superb spandex outfits and if you ever sold them as merch I’d happily pay but I apprevuate they are signature to you. I was pleased to see your restrained and polite response to James and I for one am a huge fan and I also use to enjoy the same sites you did (Mandy steEld et al) many moons ago. I’m pleased to see you are more active on Twitter abd I can’t wait for the next update on your site. Please keep up the good work and continue to ignore the idiots keyboard warriors out there!


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