The Rye releases ‘Violations’ featuring Wonder Cassidy

Great new release from The Rye in our Superheroine Universe.

You’ll get an idea of what type of movie this is from the screencaps. And whether it is or isn’t your cup of tea, you have to at least admire the stunning Wonder Woman and her amazing Wonder Woman body, the gorgeous costume and attention to detail, and of course the camera work and editing. Good to see another great movie from his stable.

The trailer:

Some screen captures:

Here is the blurb:

Detective Crystal Drake and her team track down a villain with telekinetic powers who has evaded police for months. Armed and ready she walks into his lair and is nearly stripped of her clothing forcing her to transform into Amazing Girl. The unknown villain uses his powers to toy with Amazing Girl and exploit her weaknesses. Amazing Girl gives him everything she’s got but he proves to be too much for the young heroine. Amazing Girl is slowly worn down, forced to admit defeat….

Buy it here:

Purchase this video at SHG-Media

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