The Female Future, Episode 3

VIP subscribers will have received an email with details on how to buy Episode 3 of The Female Future, and I’m posting this blog to let you know that it is now available on general sale!

The download link is posted on The Female Future website here:

Its a 15 minute long movie featuring two amazingly gorgeous girls to discover they have super human strength and powers. Here is the synopsis:

Another beautiful girl contacts the GGSGMB about her new superhuman strength and abilities and is greeted by Dr Harris’s stunning assistant, who also has superhuman powers. Together the girls decide that they should be using their strength and power to defend the weak and powerless, and go it alone as a vigilante duo. Episode 3 follows the girls as they test out their new incredible strength and power over lowly drug dealers, right up to taking on a room full of gangsters, and saving the local mayor from harm. The movie features two stunning heroines in a variety of costumes and outfits, and contains 1-on-1 female-to-male combat, throat lifts, throwing through the air, fist grabs, bending of crowbars, kneeing to the face, and much more!

Some photos to whet your appetite!

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