Lesley Fox as Supergirl and Ms Marvel (1 video 17 photos)

Lesley Fox is an absolute FOX!!!! Especially in her Supergirl costume. And even more so when she’s with her Ms Marvel sidekick, and she REALLY kicks ass with lot of kicks, punches, superbreath, throat lifts, heat vision, and more. She is awesome!!

The following is the blur, and right down the bottom are some preview images. Go and get it.


You can buy the movie here:

Its 40 minutes long!!

Preview Images

Movie description


Lesley and Lora have gained strange new powers. They are back home and already bored. Why not practice using their powers while looking fit and sexy as usual? The plot may be thin but the ladies are sexy and have plenty of attitude. So drop your IQ a few points, turn up the volume, lower the lights, and try not to grin and drool too much.

Scene 1 – The ladies are just hanging out looking sexy after they received their new powers. What to do, what to do? Of course they decide to find some muppets that require a beat down. A short flight and teleportation later they arrive.

Scene 2 – The first baddie finds two sexy and vulnerable ladies suddenly appearing. They deserve some of his macho attention. Lesley and Lora allow him the freedom to make the first mistake. Why not push them into the building so he and his chaps can play with them. The girls toss him around a bit until he tries to cut them with a knife. The girls practice lifting him effortlessly by the throat a few times until he is unconscious.

Scene 3 – He called us superheroines! The ladies decide to at least look like comic book superheroines and make a magical change. Great lingering fashion show while they admire each other and allow us the viewer a break in the action while drinking in the beauty.

Scene 4 – The pace picks back up. The ‘superheroines’ are moving through the building and find a few non gentlemen to play with. These men are a little smarter and realize there may be a little bit of a threat behind the sexy costumes and one of them attacks. He punches and kicks with no effect. He gets pinned to the wall by LesleyMarvel’s sexy boot on his neck while the other two attempt to help. One of the more intelligent of the three tries to make a break for it. This doesn’t go well in the end for these three underlings. Super strength and super breath (in both a blowing and in a suction force) are the emphasis of this scene.

Scene 5 – Well that was fun but this nest of criminals still has playthings in it. The girls proceed to a further room. Two bad guys are here and they have not heard the demise of their pals a few doors down due to a cheap radio playing. SuperLora destroys the radio with her new heat vision. The thugs open fire with no effect. The bullets fly harmlessly off of the super bodies of Lora and Lesley. LesleyMarvel dismisses the pesky firearms with a telekinetic wave of her fingers and it is game on. The boys are slapped and kicked around by the sexy super women. Finally one tries to crawl away. SuperLora mounts him like he is a playground rocking horse and puts an end to that thought.

Scene 6 – The beautiful goddesses fight there way to the boss man. Not much of a fight along the way in the girls view. But for the hapless sods it is life changing. Upon arrival the boss is trying to dial a friend. A quick puff of wind and the phone is gone. Time for him to use his gun. SuperLora almost ends the fun too quickly but he is spared for some play time. I don’t want to give away the ‘fight’ but it involves a fair combination of telekinesis, super strength, super breath, and slow camera shots of the ladies toned legs in action. In the end…well to be continued possibly.

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