Grace Van Dien in a Supergirl costume (15 photos)

So I came across a picture of Grace Van Dien in a two piece Supergirl costume and I was blown away. She looks great. Not really my type, not really my type of costume (I prefer the one-piece Supergirl costume), but man she pulls it off. I can absolutely imagine her roughing up some bad guys.

And so therefore I decided to try and find every picture of Grace Van Dien in a Supergirl costume that I could find. And I did. I found 16 photos of Grace as a superheroine and they are below. Enjoy.

Supergirl Grace Van Dien posing with Wonder Woman and Casper Van DIengrace-van-dien-supergirl-02grace-van-dien-supergirl-03grace-van-dien-supergirl-04grace-van-dien-supergirl-05grace-van-dien-supergirl-06grace-van-dien-supergirl-07grace-van-dien-supergirl-08grace-van-dien-supergirl-09grace-van-dien-supergirl-010grace-van-dien-supergirl-011grace-van-dien-supergirl-012grace-van-dien-supergirl-013grace-van-dien-supergirl-014grace-van-dien-supergirl-015

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