Miss Power in The Package

Kim stars as the amazing Miss Power in an action-packed live-action superheroine comic book: The Parole. 87 pages of Miss Power in action!

Comic book synopsis:

The beautiful Miss Power, protector of the city, confronts two criminals on the run from a bank heist. She easily despatches both men after they learn their knives and guns have no effect on her. The young brunette shows them men her incredible super strength, and then sends them to jail.

Eight months later the men are out, free after serving their jail time with one thing on their mind: revenge on the young girl that put them there in the first place.Using the fragment of a mysterious crystal, the two men lure the teenager to their hideout, where the arrogant superheroine demonstrates her physical superiority over them both. But she is careless, and after opening the box containing the crystal, she is rendered weak and helpless. Although she puts up a fight, she is no match for the men now and they tie her up.

But that isn’t the end for Miss Power. The gorgeous heroine manages to escape, and she gives both men what they deserve – a good beating.


Special thanks to DF Fan who turned over 2000 images into this wonderful comic book I’m releasing today.

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