Sonic Girl in Busted

Catherine is back in a brand new superheroine comic book as the incredible Sonic Girl. 87 pages of kick-ass superheroine action!

Comic book synopsis:

Dana is an Office Clerk by day, but the incredible Sonic Girl by night, and after a tough day at work the beautiful blonde attracts the attention of an ex-con.

After entering her apartment, Eddie is on the wrong end of a beating by the girl. In just her skirt and bra, Dana kicks the crap out him, lording her fighting superiority over him.

A few days later, Eddie turns up again just as Dana is doing a workout. Predictably beating him up again, she then let’s Eddie know her secret alter-ego, and then goes about dismantling him as the incredible Sonic Girl.


Special thanks to DF Fan who turned over 2000 images into this wonderful comic book I’m releasing today.

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