Kelsey Pribilski as Supergirl

Kara: A Supergirl Fan Film

Check out this Kickstarter fan film about Supergirl called – Kara: A Supergirl Fan Film.

Unfortunately, it didn’t get funded. They needed $15,000 and managed to raise $5,000. So unfortunately the money was returned to the backers and the project never went ahead 🙁

Have a look at some of the promo images and videos they put together. Also, links to the Kara: A Supergirl Fan Film Facebook page and Kickstarter page.

Kickstarter promo video

YouTube promo video

Kelsey Pribilski reel



And here are some of the details form the Kickstarter page.

Kickstarter information


We’re the geekiest group of indie filmmakers you’ll ever meet. While our peers are off making the next Eternal Sunshine, all we can think about is making an epic superhero film. When Kelsey saw that Warner Bros. was developing a feature-length film to bring Supergirl to the big screen, she was dead set on landing an audition for Kara Zor-El. Nathan and Kory, seeing her eagerness to be considered for the part, saw the opportunity to take a crack at some good ol’ fashioned fan fiction, and make a Supergirl short film.

Several pizza meetings later, here we are. Nathan has written a script that brings a fun, fresh, and hopefully satisfying take of Supergirl. With Kelsey bringing her passion for the character, Kory bringing his creative chops to the post production, and the rest of our filmmaking community bringing their various professional talents to the project, we’ve assembled a dream team that lacks only one thing to get the green light… the monies.

The Story

Kara Zor-El, in full form as she balances life and life-saving, must discover her greatest power when she faces a threat that no amount of strength or speed can surmount. 

Writer’s Note: 

My whole life I’ve heard fellow superhero fans brush characters like Supergirl and Superman aside because they’re too overpowered. In my opinion, this has always made them some of the most interesting heroes. With Kara, it’s rarely been about living to fight another day, and more about making sure everyone else lives to fight another day. Her conflicts require an added level of thought and creativity (unless you just want to toss in kryptonite, which I don’t) to give her a tough problem to solve. Many think characters like Supergirl just require other-worldly threats to give them a real challenge, and many of those storylines are great. However, I’m most intrigued by the threats she can’t just punch her way out of.

The People

Kara: A Supergirl Fan Film team: Kelsey Pribilski, Kory Hill, Nathan Crenshaw

Kelsey Pribilski

Kelsey is an actor based out of Austin, TX, playing roles across narrative film, television, and commercials. One of those films was the festival-winning short film “Leecher”, which is where she met her “Kara” co-producers Nathan and Kory. Her goal with this film, outside of having a blast playing the character and producing along side her peers in a creative space, is to land an audition for the feature-length Supergirl film that Warner Bros. is producing.

Kory Hill

Kory graduated with a film degree from UT Austin several years ago, and has been producing and editing both narrative and commercial film here in Texas ever since. His geekdom for all things superhero genre runs deep. He’ll be heading up many of the design and visual elements to the film, including the suit, the SFX, the edit, art materials, etc. He’d also like me to mention he’s an introvert, so the fact he showed up on screen above should prove he’s in it to win it.

Nathan Crenshaw

Nathan also graduated with a film degree from UT Austin several years ago, and has been writing, directing, and producing narrative and commercial film here in Texas, many times alongside Kory. He’s writing and directing the film, as well as co-producing along side Kory and Kelsey. He too, is a superhero nerd.



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