Darna 2022 – Trailer release

First look at the Darna 2022 trailer featuring Jane Florence Benitez De Leon as the latest incarnation of Darna, the Filipino superheroine.

From what we can see at the moment, it looks like Darna is a mother, and she is training up her daughter to someday become Darna. The trailer shows the young daughter learning to fight, and there are scenes where she fights a group of boys to help her male friend… and then later where she fights a bunch of grown men.

Where I think it’s going is that Darna (the mother), is killed and then the daughter must take over the role of being Darna.

Darna 2022 official trailer

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxckpnBPZLU

Screen grabs from the Darna 2022 trailer

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