Superheroine powers you want to see

Models you want to see back – check Favourite costumes/superheroines – check Okay, now for the powers. A superheroine’s superhuman powers is one of her sexiest features. I guess they can be divided into groups like strength, mind powers, invulnerability powers, etc. I tend to favour super strength, so my top 3 would be: 1. Throat lift – effortlessly 2. Super kick across room/alley 3. … Continue reading Superheroine powers you want to see

Favourite superheroine

Well, I’m grateful for all those that have contributed to previous posts about favourite models, next comic books, etc. This is the first of two posts (the next one I will post tomorrow), to see what else you guys would like to see on the website. So from the previous post it seems that Helen Andrew, Becky Middleton, Vicky Lloyd and Gemma Hiles are … Continue reading Favourite superheroine

How would you improve the SuperSexyHeroines website?

Okay, over to you. If you were in charge of the website for a week, what would you change? Over the next six weeks I want to embark on an improvement process, and first off I want to listen to you guys to hear what you want on the site. What would you have more of? What would you have less of? What would … Continue reading How would you improve the SuperSexyHeroines website?

Superheroine costume competition – extension!!

Hey guys, I’ve got a bunch of emails from you guys asking whether I can extend the closing date because you’re putting together some ideas. Thats no problem. If I’m being honest there aren’t as many ideas as I was expecting. Thanks to all those that have contributed so far and good news for you: your designs stand a lot better chance of being created … Continue reading Superheroine costume competition – extension!!