Poll – your favourite Superheroine Costume

So we’ve had the favourite model, comic book and your ultimate Supergirl. This time its your favourite costume. Options below, but go to this link http://www.supersexyheroines.com/superheroines/ and pick your TOP 3 costumes and let me know. Remember that it isn’t your favourite model wearing the costume – imagine your ultimate model… what costume out of the ones in the link would you choose for her … Continue reading Poll – your favourite Superheroine Costume

Supergirl in Crush

Okay, so finally I’ve updated the website with a story entitled Supergirl: Crush. Now, I’m trying something different. Partly because of time constraints, but also because I’ve been asked a LOT of time whether I can just release comic photo books without the comic part. i.e. like MandiSteele.com and AdaraSteele.com do it. I’ve always avoided doing this. The Steele’s do it very well, and I … Continue reading Supergirl in Crush

Lightening Girl in Arrogance, chapter 1

Brand new comic book featuring the very sexy Lightening Girl. Imagine this: Its late 2012 and ‘The Event’ occurred three months ago, resulting in the massive mutation of a few hundred humans on Earth. These humans were now super strong, invincible, had amazing athleticism – but more crucially were all female, all under the age of twenty, and we are stunningly beautiful. Arrogance is a … Continue reading Lightening Girl in Arrogance, chapter 1

Quantum of Power

Special week – today I’m publishing the first chapter of Quantum of Power: Daubster’s take on a shoot I did with Gemma Hiles and Julie Woodward (two very popular heroines on this website). Daubster actually put this together a long time ago, and I’m really pleased to be able to release it to you guys. I’ll be completely transparent: does it qualify as an update, … Continue reading Quantum of Power