Supergirl – Stranger in a Strange Land

Just seen this – anyone know any more about a new amateur film called Supergirl: Stranger in a Strange Land. Looks to be a Kickstarter project by the looks of this: The supergirl film has its own website here: And Facebook page here: And possibly some promotion here? Anyhow, looks good from what I can see and hoping that it gets … Continue reading Supergirl – Stranger in a Strange Land

Injection Rejection, chapter 6

Silly me! After posting the fifth chapter of Injection Rejection on 18th October I completely forgot to post the sixth and final chapter the following week. Instead I added uploaded a sexy photoset of the busty Henchwoman and then the first chapter of Time Travel. So, this week its back to DF Fan’s brilliantly illustrated Injection Rejection. Hope you enjoy! Continue reading Injection Rejection, chapter 6

Superwoman – Bully Bites Back, chapter 6

Sixth and final chapter of Bully Bites Back, and with 34 pages its a cracker! Sally and Jodie face off against each other under the guise of their respective alter-egos: Superwoman and Dark Star. Who will win: the experienced young superheroine, or the aggressive brunette seeking revenge and her own form of justice? Hope you enjoy, and look forward to releasing my new comic book … Continue reading Superwoman – Bully Bites Back, chapter 6

Superwoman – Bully Bites Back, chapter 5

In this fifth and penultimate chapter of Bully Bites Back, Jodie turns up just as Sally is about to finish her demolition of Brad. For Sally it couldn’t get any better – the chief bully and his loose, blonde girlfriend. She will teach them BOTH a lesson, won’t she? Enjoy! [this post was uploaded retrospectively due to a delay with the chapter release] Continue reading Superwoman – Bully Bites Back, chapter 5

GennaX, chapter 1

Today we release the latest superheroine comic to hit -GennaX. Written and illustrated by DF Fan, the stunning Miss Power stars in GennaX: the story about a stunning young blonde with phenomonal strength and powers. In this first chapter she uses her considerable charms to lure the scientist inside. I’m sure you’ll agree that she looks totally gorgeous. As always, thanks to DF Fan … Continue reading GennaX, chapter 1

Krypto Trap, chapter 3

In the third chapter of Superwoman: Krypto Trap, Ursula takes centre stage. With permission from Rupert she relishes the chance to grab Superwoman by her hair and drag her into the seat where she’ll be filmed for the world to see. Ursula, who looks like she knows a knot or two, ties Superwoman up in the heavy kryptonite-riddled chains, as Rupert then turns the camera … Continue reading Krypto Trap, chapter 3

Krypto Trap, chapters 1 and 2

Hey all! Since I posted ‘Houston we have a problem‘ a week and half ago, I’ve been working to shoot, illustrate and upload the latest comic book. Today (Sunday 20th Feb) I’ve finally uploaded the first two chapters of Krypto Trap and the other chapters are all ready to be published. Phew! So first all a bit about Krypto Trap: In the first two … Continue reading Krypto Trap, chapters 1 and 2