Weak and Bound – another sneak preview

Another sneak preview of Weak and Bound featuring the stunning Jasmine Sinclair and Lady Nina! Should give you an idea of the kind of trouble Supergirl finds herself in as the buxom brunette gropes Supergirl from behind.

Nearing the end of editing, and still on for a mid-November release at SuperheroinePeril.com

One thought on “Weak and Bound – another sneak preview

  1. Wow….the jasmine sinclair looks stunning….i very well will be buying the vid as soon as it comes out….. hope you get her back for more vids in the superheroineperil theme…….

    Just my suggestion…y dont you have one of the vids ending in two ways ( one with the superheroine fighting back and eventually winning and the other with her being defeated and humiliated)

    Just my two cents

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