Comic – Miss Power in Powerless

So last week I _finally_ managed to get everything working and the superheroine comic book Miss Power: Powerless was eventually released. All I’ll say is that I’m not getting back into the old ways – it was a technical problem but this has been kind of fixed, and by the time I upload my next release I won’t have the same problem. So some details: … Continue reading Comic – Miss Power in Powerless

Nicole is on hold – Danica is back

So, last week I said I was going to email to all Superheroine VIP newsletter subscribers with a behind-the-scenes look at one of the shoots I was doing with Nicole Neal and Emma Glover. But that all changed when I found some footage of the gorgeous Danica teasing her boyfriend in her Miss Power superheroine costume. Its not that Nicole is any less beautiful than … Continue reading Nicole is on hold – Danica is back

Supergirl and Power Girl updates

Hey all, just catching up with the missing updates and I’m finally finally there. The bad news… is that I don’t have the new comic book ready yet and so the updates from the 7th February and 14th February are photoshoots. The good news… is that the photosets I just uploaded are with two of the most popular heroines in 2011 – Emma Glover as … Continue reading Supergirl and Power Girl updates

Sneak preview of shoot

Hey all, a quick post to share with you some pictures from a shoot we did yesterday. We shot with Jasmine Sinclair and Nina Leigh – both gorgeous models, and the footage is brilliant. We shot two short movies. Movie A – Jasmine plays Superwoman who is lured into Nina’s trap where she is subjected to all kinds of abuse and torture before she … Continue reading Sneak preview of shoot