Sneak preview of shoot

Hey all, a quick post to share with you some pictures from a shoot we did yesterday. We shot with Jasmine Sinclair and Nina Leigh – both gorgeous models, and the footage is brilliant.

We shot two short movies.

Movie A – Jasmine plays Superwoman who is lured into Nina’s trap where she is subjected to all kinds of abuse and torture before she finally comes round to Nina’s way of thinking.

Movie B – As Wonder Woman, Nina has lots of fans but none more so that Jasmine’s character who is distinctly taken advantage of by the Amazonian Princess!

Looking forward to cutting them up and getting them out to you guys. If off, I need to get back into order.

Enjoy the pics below:

One thought on “Sneak preview of shoot

  1. Can’t wait to see what you came up with. You do a phenomenal job selecting models and making costumes. Please keep the updates coming.


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