Comic – Miss Power in Powerless

So last week I _finally_ managed to get everything working and the superheroine comic book Miss Power: Powerless was eventually released. All I’ll say is that I’m not getting back into the old ways – it was a technical problem but this has been kind of fixed, and by the time I upload my next release I won’t have the same problem. So some details: … Continue reading Comic – Miss Power in Powerless

Nicole Neal Supergirl teaser

Hey all, a little heads up that I’ll be releasing some FREE teasers and behind-the-scenes photos and VIDEO clips in the next few weeks. The ONLY way to get them before they go public is to sign up to become a Superheroine VIP. Click here to join for free if you haven’t done so already: I’ll be emailing out a link to the first … Continue reading Nicole Neal Supergirl teaser