Nicole Neal Supergirl teaser

Hey all, a little heads up that I’ll be releasing some FREE teasers and behind-the-scenes photos and VIDEO clips in the next few weeks.

The ONLY way to get them before they go public is to sign up to become a Superheroine VIP. Click here to join for free if you haven’t done so already:

I’ll be emailing out a link to the first of many videos to all Superheroine VIPs by 14:00 GMT on Tuesday 15th January, so be sure to sign up by then.

Some previews of the first video I’ll be sending:

4 thoughts on “Nicole Neal Supergirl teaser

  1. I have a suggestion and a couple of questions. My question is: What is the plot for the Nicole Neal Supergirl movie? Another question is: What super powers do we see her use? (I really would love to see her use all of them: invulnerability to bullets, heat vision, flight, super-speed, super breath, super strength, x-ray vision, and anything else I’ve forgotten about). Would love to see her use her powers to save someone.

    My suggestion is that I would love to see you tie this movie (or a sequel with Nicole as SG) in with the superheroineperilmovie (the recent one with Jasmine Sinclair in it). We could have Jasmine’s SW character try to “bring in” Nicole’s SG character (this would be a section with lots of super power use). Just a thought.

  2. Hey Jon, are you ever gonna release this movie? It just seems like a waste to me that you payed the model, took the time to film it and still haven’t released it to make up for the money you invested…
    I don’t understand, you post regulary on instagram, youtube and twitter, but leave your website unattended for months (it’s been a year and a half since you posted this!). Doesn’t make any sens to me… Anyway, if you finally release this, I’ll purchase it the minute you upload it!

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