update – A Super Wish pt2

Just been to the website and they’ve only just released Part 2 of A Super Wish.

The film stars the absolutely gorgeous Danica as Supergirl, and not only do we see her looking amazing in the Supergirl costume, but she performs a few superheroine feats too. Hats off to the guys – the film is great and I can definitely say that they’re the two sexiest films I’ve seen for a long long time!

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16 thoughts on “ update – A Super Wish pt2

  1. Danica is fantastic as Superwoman, hopefully she can return again in a new adventure with some new powerful feats. Danica you’re gorgeous.

  2. What can I say man but DANICA IS HOT. No doubt the best looking Supergirl I’ve ever seen. And I mean in any media. If anyone can offer a better looking Supergirl then hit me up because she’s perfect.

    Really hoping that the SuperheroineFilms guys are reading this because I really really really want to see more of Danica. Get her in a new film PLEASE!

  3. Danica is hot and I purchased Part 1 but I am going to have to hold out on this one. No real threat or conflict gets boring after a while.

  4. maybe the superheroine film people could make the latest superwoman story (not so dumb) into a movie, one off the best storys this sites had in awhile, hope to see more like it

  5. Matt raises a good idea. Not So Dumb would make a great superheroine feature. Also what are the odds u can convince Danica to come over to to do a story as Supergirl?

  6. I disagree with Matt and gundam in the sense that making a full blown movie about another superheroine in distress would be a waste of film. There are many, many, many sites out there already doing this. Why do we need yet another site like this? This Super Sexy Heroines site is one of a very FEW sites out there making good old-fashioned heroine-type stories in comic book form. This is why I like this site so much. Super heroine films makes movies that could have come from one of Jon’s stories where the heroine triumphs. Kudos to both of these sites as they are in the minority out there.

  7. I disagree with you big time there John. This site is nowhere near comic book form. I would like it to be, but it’s not. All the villians are push overs and easily get defeated by the superheroine. In comic books the villians are all credible. They all pose serious danger for the super heroes.

    I think that’s my only complaint about these two sites. No credible threats or challenges for the heroines. Sure I like seeing them perform their super strength feats and prevailing in the end but you have to have some peril in between. Batman has his Joker, Wonder Woman has her chloroform and Superman & Powergirl have their Kryptonite.

  8. I need another chapter =)
    Maybe showing some feats of power playing with her boyfriend in a warm up, bending metals in his wrist, a super blow to send him to the bed, a lift, a few gunshots in her chest, i know, i’m a freak =)

  9. Jose couldnt be more right on this one. When I think of a super hero doing battle, I see them fighting some type of crazed lunatic bent on taking over the population, not my next door neighbor. I would hate to think that just a few sessions of self defense class could aprehend some of the criminals here.
    The models are gorgeous, the costumes are incredible, the effects are decent, and actually the acting isnt that bad, but we tend to forgive the models for that anyway. I would like to see more mad scientists, evil genius’s, and just a flat out mad man with a diabolical scheme go up against the superheroines here. No one is talking rape and anything sexual as a means of being in distress or peril . I cant remember too many villains that sexually molested any superhero from tv and the comics. Wait…. there was that episode with Cat Woman and Batman from the tv series back in the 60’s. He had his chance and he blew it.

  10. That’s exactly how I feel Rand. More villians similar to comic books. That’s why I joined this site. Because of the live action aspect of it.

    Sadly I think site is only meant to cater to those who love watching super powered females taking out and dominating regular average men. We always see a regular thug with a gun being dominated so that might be the case. It gets redundant really and boring but I’ll see if there is a change of direction before canceling.

  11. Might I suggest a script writing contest with two winners. One with peril, one with no peril. Fans and members can vote one of each. The two winning scripts are used on the site

  12. another episode of super-model…not bad not great maybe you can pass this onto the genius who run the site…secret identities do work try it …the story isn’t bad just dull yes the model is sexy…big deal…better luck next time…

  13. This girl is so amazing. I hope to see more with her. I love her in tight black leggings and boots. She can’t be in peril. She needs to be bending steel, kicking down doors and running super-fast! All in slow motion is what I want to see. Thanks

  14. In response to Jose: I’d like to say I’d be up for being far more hardcore and really give the superheroine a difficult time in the comicbook stories that I feature in. I’d like to see far more suspense & so many cliffhangers so that you get the feel of some of the great superhero comicbooks out there. I will have a chat with Jon next time he’s in touch with me and thank you for your fair comment.


  15. In response to Rand: I rather like your idea of an evil genius/mad dog type character and would welcome portraying such in either a comicbook story or even one of the short films. I would also enjoy seeing some really good scripts coming in and think a competition would be ideal from an actors perspective, but at the end of the day, it’s up to the sites team to give it the thumbs up.
    I know the ladies/models featured appreciate all your comments from you and from all those who post up here on the site.
    So come on guys gets your pens out and send us all some really good scripts soon.


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