Superheroine peril and distress

Its Friday night and instead of having a few drinks with my buddies I’m on my computer pondering a few things. Actually, one general them:

Peril, distress, hypnotising, lack of power, conflict, etc, etc.

Most of you guys know that I’m not into peril at all. I like my supergirls to be super, to be strong, etc, etc. But…. I know that a lot of guys (and maybe girls) out there like a bit of ‘distress’ in a variety of levels and outputs.

I got a lot of positive emails about the current story ‘Not so dumb’. This was me having a very mild introduction into this type of genre. I know there are a lot of websites out there like SHB, etc that do this type of perilous content very very well. So it just got me thinking.

As a quick indication I’ve made a little poll below. If you wouldn’t mind taking the time to just tell me your broad stance from these very broad options – I’m not leaving your too much choice – I would be grateful.

BTW – for all non-peril guys out there: do NOT worry. This is NOT the start of a change in direction for the website – I’m just curious!

21 thoughts on “Superheroine peril and distress

  1. I am not a fan of all the peril sites because they are rather distasteful and turn into pornography. The only thing I suggest is to have a little peril in the comic books just to make it interesting. It gets rather boring to just have the heroine kick ass from beginning to end. I’d rather her kick ass in the beginning, then the bad guy gets the upper hand, all is lost for our heroine, she regains her strength and makes her glorious comeback in the end. It’s the perfect 3 act formula used in story telling.

  2. I went with the middle one. I just like the fact that some peril adds a little suspense, getting us out of the realm of “who’s she going to easily beat the snot out of this week.” And yeah, there is something hot about it too, if done right. What makes the peril dramatic (and hot) is the fact that earlier in the story, the heroine was established as powerful, so its not just some silly girl in a costume taking a beating, like on those “other sites.”

    Realism is key, too. In this story, we have this strong villain, so I hope that she gets to have her moment for a bit too with Superwoman (the earlier “I’m going to put you under an unimaginable amount of pain” statement really sets up the suspense), and the tables aren’t instantly turned. I do like to see the heroine come out on top, though, but I don’t even mind if the villain wins in the end in rare instances, if done right – i.e. she gets away with what she’s doing, but leaves the heroine to fight another day. This would add even more suspense for a future story if they’d meet again, setting up the villain as an arch-enemy type to be reckoned with.

    Even non-overt sexual content can be OK, if is suggestive only and nipped in the bud before it gets into the realm of those other sites. For example, in the current story, hard to believe that someone depraved like those two thugs wouldn’t at least think about having fun with Superwoman, like carrying her to the bedroom, reaching to pull off her costume . . . and then stopped or foiled.

  3. Superheroines in peril is definitely not my thing. As stated, they’re superheroines, right? There’s no way one could find weaknesses in them every morning…

    However, peril can take another form: if the villain had some control over the heroine’s life, he could threaten her enough for her to do what he says. For example, the villain could have kidnapped her child/boyfriend/relative/whatever and detain it somewhere else. He hands up a phone to the heroine that just smashed his gang to let her know he’s not kidding: “Are you faster than a phone call, babe? So why don’t you get away and pretend nothing happened?” That’s EVIL, isn’t it?

    The heroine is forced to leave but I’m sure she’ll look EVERYWHERE to find her captured child/boyfriend/relative/whatever and come back twice as motivated as before to kick the villain’s ass… Because she HAS to win, she’s the heroine ^_^

    Otherwise, come on… It’s not as if there’s kryptonite (or anything like this) under any stone in the city!

    (And please, more feats of strength! That looks so cool! 😉 )

  4. I don’t mind a little peril, after all, since she is super, it is more dramatic when a heroine loses her powers. But that is also the reason that I like female villians, as I don’t want to watch guys beat on women.

  5. You have to have some peril or some form of threat posed for the heroine. It has to be included because otherwise the story becomes unbalanced.

    I joined this site because of the live action comic books and of course the sexy costumes. Being an avid collector I know a thing or two about the superhero mythos. There always is a sense of danger for the superheroes. It makes it interesting.

    I must admit, it is pretty sexy when the superheroine is at the mercy of a villian or villianess and there is nothing wrong with that. I always turned back to reread the parts in Wonder Woman comics when she was in a predicament. It’s just thrilling to not know what is going to happen.

    Keep it tasteful Though. Simple punches, slaps, over the shoulder carries, and chloroform will suffice. Nothing too hardcore or extreme please. Keep the heroines winning in the end too. Not interested in seeing a bad guy come out on top.

  6. Agree with Jose, as long as their is not implied pornography or nudity, it is very sexy seeing a superheroine at the mercy or under control of a villian. I have always found it extremely sexy to see a superheroine hypnotized or under some type of mind control and the villian uses them for his own sinister purposes, only to have her break the spell later in the episode and come after the villian. Most evil villians are not too concerned with seeing the superheroine nude or turned into some type of sex slave, he is usually more concerned with having her powers and skills used as an accompliance for evil doings. Of course, seeing a beautiful superheroine under the control of an evil villian still leaves a lot for the imagination for all the fans here, each probably saying to themselves, “man, if I had Superwoman under my control, I would have her………” Bake a cake? yeah right!!!

  7. I agree with strfan in the kind of peril that would be interesting and you have included this type of peril in your stories in the past. The heroine needs to remailn the victor in these stories. Any male chump can beat up a girl and there should never be any thrill derived from that type of violence. But having some sexy heroine toss around and humiliate the type of gorilla who would even attempt that kind of thing is fantastic. The villians should try to do these things but be thwarted every single time. Here’s where the creativity should come in. Thanks for keeping this site clean and fun.

  8. I’ve always thought hypnosis and mind control was cool. I’ve always thought it added a bit to the story when you have the main character (a gorgeous heroine! O.o ) under the villians control, only to break free at the end, or have her partner or someone else free her! Never understood why a villian would want to beat hte crap out of a girl though… thats just not cool.. like cmon! Clean and fun is the way to go!

  9. My favourite stories are Mind over matter, The collector and Nemesis. All because Supergirl come up against another girl with some sort of super power and she doesn’t have it all her own way.

  10. Perhaps a sister site with the heroine losing would draw a lot of fans and…..lots of new subscribers. I would definately subscribe as I love seeing story than we see in most comics and hero movies. Nice to see the bad girl prevail.

  11. My two cents worth.

    You have a good site here, great outfits and girls and ideas, and responsive to the fans with things like this blog. So certainly a big change I don’t think would be great. You change to SHB style you compete with those sites.

    My feeling is there has to be some peril in any heroine genre. She’s going to get into trouble eventually, they always do from comics to TV to movies. I would not like to see it so sexual in the nature of the perils however. But coming back from near defeat and some light bondage or traps I’d enjoy.

  12. Peril is necessary, the straightforward stories where the superheroine wins and encounters no trouble are pretty boring. I like to see some struggle and drama to keep things exciting. You don’t need to go overboard like many of the sites you mention, but having a formidable villain to face off with the heroine is always more intriguing.

    My favorite is having a strong female supervillain to combat the superheroine!

  13. On the subjec of peril..

    I think you should not go to the lenghts of calling it ‘peril’. Doing so, you narrow the idea of the heroine always been defeated, bound, etc.. which is what most people will think when they read the word superheroine peril’.

    I think, what you could do is make the photsotires more ‘comic book’ like. With that in mind, challenge the heroine, sure, have a bad girl give her trouble which can be from a simple fight to knock down/drag out fight.

    No problem if you have parts where the heroine is defeated, captured, etc.. that happens in the comics, tv series, animated series, etc.. and it must happen otherwise the stories become repetive and dull, you just have to be more imaginative in the ways she’s challenged or taken down, as well as more imaginative on how the heroine gets back on her feet and wins at the end.

    You’ll have opportunity to have more varied stories and more varied photos, when they’re down, for example in the current story, the photo of SW down and out on the floor is very good, and you could have taken more from other angles or poses too. Variation.

    So, the word/scenario of ‘peril’ is not the one you should aim at, more like action/adventure. That sounds better.

  14. perhaps just offer alternate endings to the comics…if the heroine wins in the original story, offer an alternate ending for the fans of seeing the heroines lose, and vice versa

  15. The poll doesn’t say having heroines lose. Why would anybody want to see that? I voted for the middle one to have some “peril” included to make it more dramatic and have the victory at the end more satisfying but not to see a hero lose, fail, or die at the end.

    Why would you want to see that? What’s the purpose?

    I like MRK opinion on having the comics for action/adventure like. Peril is too closely associated with those other sites around the net.

  16. I would perfer to see the superheroine sometimes win and sometimes lose. That way we don’t know whats going to happen and the comics are not as predictable as they are now. I like seeing the heroines lose from time to time ebcause like I said, it keeps the comics from being predictable and its a nce change from the majority of comics. Guess I just like the bad girls Jose. Thats just me.

  17. I always thought the point of having ‘superheroine’ on the internet was the element of peril. The big turn on is to ‘humiliate’ the arrogant and sexy superheroine. What is ‘humiliate’ ?? It all depends on personal taste/kinkyness, whatever you call it. Otherwise, what more are you offering than the likes of Wonder Woman or Bionic Woman on national television??

    I think the tendency of men to want to humiliate women comes from evolutionary traits. The cavemen could spread their genes by raping women. It would be easier and more effective if the man enjoyed humiliating women (inflicting pain or knocking her unconcious etc). Men with such traits had the advangate to spread his genes. Now, in the 20th C, we all are civilized. Further add the society suppressing sexuality with religion (and don’t even think about rape). But the genes are still there and a lot of men still have the fantasy of humiliating women.

    If I had to guess, to be consistent with this evolution explanation, the majority of people who voted against any kind of peril might be women (or lesbians).

  18. Interesting seeing the results of the poll. Since your site is not all about superheroines in peril, you would think that the vast majority of those interested in your site would not be about peril either. Yet the majority are. You would expect this of members of peril sites, but even in yours the majority like it.

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