Not So Dumb chapter 5

Well, evil seems to be prevailing – there is a new Supergirl in town, and she Whilst an unconcious Superwoman slumps lifelessly in her chair tied up, the young blonde gives the guys a quick glimpse of her amazing powers.

As I hope you’ll agree, the blonde in our story looks just sensational in her Supergirl costumes as an evil Superwoman impostor.

More next week!

Supergirl flexing her muscles

15 thoughts on “Not So Dumb chapter 5

  1. Finally … only 2 days late. Anyway, great comic! Next time I would reverse the roles as the brunette has a better body … she would have made a sexier “NEW Superwoman” … I hope this stays this way… the new Superwoman taunting the old, showing off her powers and body while the old Superwoman feels week and ugly. Evil Superwoman wins 🙂

  2. Oh no! Come on Superwoman! Don’t let the evil one prevail. Great story so far. Love not knowing what’s going to happen.

  3. Oh my god! The real “Superwoman” seems so pathetic and helpless, completely at the mercy of the evil “Superwoman.” Love the sense of Superwoman seeming so hopeless in her plite, while the superior woman brags about how easily she defeated the weak superheroine. Fantastic story, keep it up…please!!

  4. I also love the evil blonde standing over the unconscious and bound Superwoman as she brags about how she easily overpowered the luscious superheroine, knocked her out, and tied her up and left her for display. Nothing like humiliating the once powerful but now frail heroine. This may be the best story this site has offered to date!

  5. I hope the NEW and IMPROVED Superwoman prevails, while the old model is jealous of her … wishing she was still Superwoman, but now is left to dealt with her average life and average body …. only to have Superwoman periodically drop in and taunt her !

  6. Hey… the updates late again … its suppose to be Sunday… why do you keep pushing it back every week? That’s a little unfair to us… 1 per week, EXACTLY after 7 days. Please update on Sunday’s like you use to… there’s no reason for an excuse, nor do we want to hear about computers crashing or models being late, not fair to whine when its a business.

    Thanks for your time and all of your excellent work. Great job!!

  7. Hey David – the update isn’t late. I’ve been updating the website on Mondays for the past 4 1/2 years now – never on a Sunday.

    So, as usual the next update will be tomorrow (Monday) 🙂

  8. Hey David, I’m not going to have a public debate – of course I’m sometimes late updating every so often. Only by a day or so, and veyr rarely.

    What I mean is that the website has always been scheduled to update on a Monday. Like I say, very rarely I’m late by 24 hours.

    Email if you want to continue this debate 🙂

  9. My God, I’m just thankful the site GETS an update once a week! Yes, I’d love it to be early, but people have lives and it takes time. Many of the superheroine web sites RARELY are updated once a week (though that is what they promise to get you to join), so I feel pretty fortunate that this one does NOT miss an update. Keep up the good work Jon.

  10. Its not a debate Jon, you’ve improved immensely over the years, and now I’d say your a legitimate site. Its not acceptable to be late at all, frankly comparing yourselves to your competitors is unprofessional.

    You do great work, and kudos for that … but many of us know your history. For example, you use to vehemently claim nothing to do with Ultrasexyheroines or superheroinefilms site … despite the exact same settings, backgrounds, models, and costumes …. and reissuing of the same material on the sites.

    Again, you do a WONDERFUL job and you’ve grown greatly. But there are many people out there on message boards who know you’re history, so please just perform your service which is paid for on time without delay. This is a business, not a kleenex so go blow someone else.

  11. David, Jon didn’t compare himself to competitors. That was one of the commenters who did that, not Jon. I’ve found the updates to be pretty reliable, actually.

  12. That is why I canceled my subscription. That site is always late with there updates. Last update was over 4 weeks late and then they have the audacity to put the correct date underneath the pics to make it look like it was on time.

    I don’t know if Jon is lying when he says he isn’t associated with that site because the costumes are the same and some of the pictures are the same. One of the updates on that site are simply raw pictures of the comic book Not this Time, so you can’t tell me it isn’t so. Total BS.

    Thankfully this site is pretty reliable. Maybe late some of the time but not too bad.

  13. Those of you guys who seem to think they can do better, please let us know when you have successfully run a site like this with 52 straight updates at noon GMT the same day each week.

    Until then, shut up!

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