SuperheroineFilms – Birthday Wish

Finally… I finished and uploaded the latest film to the website today.

Featuring the stunning Danica Thrall, Miss Power: Birthday Wish, the gorgeous heroine looks stunning in that sexy little white costume!

You can download it here

Some screen shots below:

danica thrall as superheroine

danica thrall superheroine

danica thrall superheroine

Sexy Danica Thrall

Danica Thrall lifting man by throat

super sexy danica thrall

Danica Thrall in boots beating up man

10 thoughts on “SuperheroineFilms – Birthday Wish

  1. not so bad …indeed..but too much time left for the story to take place…you’d better concentrate on strength features power discovery and..some action…danica still have the body of a super heroine…
    next time will she wear wonder babe sexy costume?

  2. I was disappointed with this one. Danica is the hottest of your models IMO but to wait this long to have her not spend much time in costume was upsetting.

    Not only that, the costume seemed to be having some issues. All in all a letdown of a vid 🙁

    I wish I had spent my $$$ on the Horny Hypnosis video peril website instead.

  3. The story is great (nice work italy877) and Danica looks fantastic. I agree with Homer that there needs to be a part two with more uncovering of just how strong she has become. Maybe the boyfriend encourages her to see just what she’s capable of. Maybe the goons boss returns with the goon to see for himself and is put out of business by Danica with the boyfriend looking on in amazement. Maybe a third part could be a twin Danica who reads the same comic but when she becomes super strong she uses her powers for evil. The fourth part could be the two facing off though I don’t know how you would pull that one off with a limited budget. It could be great fun if you could.

  4. hello, as the other said, we need more action, more strength, the story is too long and at last there is just a few test of stregth.
    iam good in visual effects creation, if you need help just ask.

  5. Storme2022, you got cahones!! Who else would offer to help JonX one moment after openly soliciting for (and receiving) a copy of the video on another message board. I guess it’s not stealing (and contributing to stealing) when you ask for help later? You need to adjust your moral compass there, buddy!

    Question: did you bring a date to your wedding as well?

  6. I saw that too. storme2022, I echo Watchful Eye’s sentiments – you need to adjust your moral compass son.

    Pretty poor show in offering harsh criticism on a film you have no right in watching.

    Sure, I could always email a few of the right people, but I ALWAYS buy these films. Not just JonX’s, but all these websites. Even from the big boys, not just the independents like

    These dudes put in time and effort to create this sort of stuff for us. Sure, the 15 bucks doesn’t give the same level of production factor as a Hollywood blockbuster, but until Hollywood are creating a film per week, I’m more than happy with the original content creators out there.

    You got to support the community Storme2022. If you don’t and you just feed off it, soon it’ll be gone my friend. Then you’ll be back watching your Wonder Woman and Bionic Woman re-runs from the seventies.

  7. “Maybe the goons boss returns with the goon to see for himself and is put out of business by Danica with the boyfriend looking on in amazement.”

    i don’t know, it’s like A Super Wish 2, i prefer a second part like A Super Wish 1 mixed with A dream comes true, Danica showing his power to his boyfriend, making some sexy stuff, carry and lifting, maybe a little laser in his pants, maybe break his jeans with her bare hands, a super blowing to send his boyfriend to the bed, bending an iron bar on the wrist of her boyfriend, or giving a gun to his boyfriend to shoot her, keeping the line with the sexual content ovbiously, but something sexy. Everyone would love to be a superheroine’s toy, in a spicey way, not only the angry supergirl giving a lesson to a simple man. I hate not being able to watch what’s happen with our heroine at the end of A Super Wish 1 and A Super Wish 2 for example, just the superheroine’s boyfriend have a gratification. Let’s be honest, everyone would love be her boyfriend, or get a reward like the boy at the end of The teacher, greetings, and happy new year.

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