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So next week I’m meeting my friend who creates all my costumes for me.

She’s in retirement but after a lot of begging I’ve managed to convince her that for the sake of hundreds of superheroine fans that want to see their favourite sexy models in tight superheroine costumes, she has agreed to create some new ones for me. She digs the whole superheroine thing and for her, seeing the girls that I get wearing the costumes gives her a real kick.

So that leaves the big question: what costumes to create?

New supergirl costume?
An alternative/new Wonder Woman costume?
A variation or amalgamation of a number of costume types?

Or…. a completely new heroine?

If you have any ideas or requests, post them below or email me. Really keen to get some ideas and if you are passionate about a particular costume then this could be your chance to get it made and also worn by some very very sexy girls.

9 thoughts on “New superheroine costume

  1. It would be great to see a really high quality Wonder Woman outfit. But a Psylocke (the Jim Lee style) costume would be a cool addition.
    In either case, more of the latex/shiny style of material would definitely be enjoyed.
    Thanks for allowing us fans to add our two cents.

  2. Personally, I’d like to see a version of the Mary Marvel costume added to the collection. The transformation is easily rendered in a style similar to what you’re already using. If you wanted to avoid copyright issues, I’m sure a new “secret word” could be thought up.

    There are a few design variations to choose from, historically speaking, ranging from a short-skirted/puffy top to the more clingy unitard/cape combos. Not to mention the red/white/black choices for the primary color. For extra fun, you could try asking if it’d be possible to make the big lightning bolt a Power Girl-style window, or if necessary, a thin mesh fabric cover to help it retain shape without the edges curling in unattractive ways.


  3. Wow! This is very cool to hear. Here are my suggestions.

    1) My #1 suggestion would be a costume similar to your Miss Power/Power Girl boob window and all, but instead of the leotard being white have the base color be blue like your Superwoman costume. Also to distinguish it more from Miss Power, have the new costume have a short red cape. I don’t know but there is something about the color combinations of red & blue and it would be awesome to see a Miss Power like costume with that combo.

    2) New Wonder Babe & Superwoman costumes that are similar in design but have higher cut leg lines. I know there are fans of the current Wonder Babe costume because of the old Lynda Carter show, but it would be nice to have an alternate costume for people that weren’t fans of that look. There’s nothing really wrong with your Superwoman costume, but it would be thrilling to see her have higher cut bottoms under that red skirt whenever we get a flash during a fight scene or a modeling shoot.

    3) A female variant of a Green Lantern character would be nice. With the growing popularity of Green Lantern within the comic industry, it would surely garner you more subscripitions. Here’s a nice reference pic
    You can keep the black leggings or remove them to show more skin and make it sexier. Just be careful with the logo, lol.

    4) A Psylocke costume would be sexy as hell. Thong back and all.

    5) More costumes for super villainesses. A heroine is only as good as her villain and it would be awesome to see new costumes for the bad girls. A Nuclear Man costume from Superman IV would be cool to see for a female character.

  4. With the exception of Danger Girl, everything so far has been a skirt or shorts. I would love to see a full “Superman” style costume, preferably in the wet look liquid metal material.



  5. Hyper Doll


    Two super heroine.
    Wear a costume wet sexy leotard.
    One pink, one blue.
    These girls are very strong, it is absolutely invincible.
    Intentionally defeated, the enemy toys.
    There is no weakness.

    We hope to surpass the power of the enemy girls.

  6. Jon – sorri but I believe there is a disconnect. You are asking for feedback on a costume. What about feedback on site updates? Sexy (6 Dec – but you say “back to regular updates”). Ultra (26 Nov). I’ve sent personal emails which you come back with “yes – it’s coming”. Nothing at all on the flic sites. (maybe consolidate all to one and concentrate on it??). Dude – I want to jack you up but I can’t. I still believe in ya. But man – maybe a little a little production???
    (oh – I’m still a traditional “SG” (S and not the X), bra, shiny stockings (p-hose), good boots with spike heels, pleated short red skirt – if not that then “ISIS”.
    Thanks – WG.

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