Poll – Comic Book vs Photo Story

Hey, so yesterday I uploaded a three chapter story called ‘Crush’ featuring a very sexy girl who defends her crush against some big jock.

Nothing new in this right? Well, it was the first time I’ve published a story in what I call a ‘MandiSteele.com’ style. Let me be clear, I’m not saying the MandiSteele way is wrong, or inferior, etc. They do it very very well and I love the site. But at SuperSexyHeroines.com I like the comic book approach.

But the key thing is – do you?

Have your say. Would you have liked the Crush story (or any other story) told in the comic book style, or the photo story style? I’m curious to know.

And for everyone that wishes for both, I understand 🙂 But for this exercise I’d just prefer to know which one you’d prefer if only one options was available. Thanks guys!

One thought on “Poll – Comic Book vs Photo Story

  1. Jon,

    I really love your layout and storytelling. The comics are MUCH better than playing “what is going on now?”. The only reasons I think you should post photo sessions would be (1) after finishing a comic, post the raw materials as a contest to see if one of us can make a different, but still enjoyable story. Give the winner a free month, and post the winner’s story as a weekly update, or (2) as a non-story modelling shoot, showing off the model/costume. These could help fill in when you feel that time crunch, and could be used to introduce a new costume/model from an upcoming story.

    Bottom line, let the Steeles do their thing and you do yours – your product requires more effort, but is far superior, IMHO.

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