Poll – your favourite SuperSexyHeroines.com comic book

So, I’m in the mood for another poll.

This time to find out your Top 5 favourite SuperSexyHeroines.com comic books of all time. In the last 7 years I’ve published 70 comic books, and I’m really interested to know what the top 5 comic books are.

You can choose up to 5 comic books
I will close the poll on 1st June 2012 and publish the results soon after

Happy voting!

One thought on “Poll – your favourite SuperSexyHeroines.com comic book

  1. Do you want us to choose the stories we like best or the models? For example, I liked the storyline in “the teacher”, but I only voted for “the office” because I really like seeing the blond in that story (I forget her name) in the red and yellow stargirl outfit.

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