Poll – your favourite SuperSexyHeroines.com model

This should divide opinion!

Who has been your top 3 favourite models that have graced the pages of the SuperSexyHeroines.com comic books over the last seven years. A tricky one because I think that the superheroine they played may be a factor.

For a listing of all 56 models, have a look at:

Once the results are collated and published I’ll then contact the three most popular models and invite them back to shoot a new SuperSexyHeroines.com comic book.

You can choose up to 3 models.
I will close the poll on 1st June 2012.

Happy voting!

4 thoughts on “Poll – your favourite SuperSexyHeroines.com model

  1. Top 3 Models.
    1) Catherine (especially in that Sonic Girl costume)
    2) Danica
    3) Tiffany White.

    I would have voted for Gemma Hiles because of how she looked in Miss Power-Spectra, but she doesn’t look like that anymore.

  2. I’d rather see a video featuring the poll results winners. You could post it on the superheroinefilms site (which hasn’t been uploaded in a while).

  3. I think someone has hacked this poll. I have checked the results very frequently and there appears to be some controversy here. There is no way that Keira Jones can be rated above Catherine, Danica, Gemma Hiles, Julie Woodward and some of the other models. There is just no fucking way without someone having hacked the poll and continously voting for her.

    Last weekend Keira Jones was around the 20 vote count and now she is above 100.

    I say void all the votes for Keira Jones because it’s obvious someone is spamming.

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