Changes: what is going on?!

So you may have noticed there are a lot of changes happening. A new domain name ( and a consolidation of SuperSexyHeroines, SuperheroineFilms, SuperheroinesPeril, SuperheroineNetwork and UltraSexyHeroines all into a single website.

You’ll also notice that only a few of the comic books are live and that there are a lot of thumbnails missing from the Superheroine and Model galleries.

I’m aware of all this – moving across over 6 years of content is no mean feat and its going to take some time.

Plus I want to launch properly with some brand new content. So give me a week and I’ll be emailing all subscribers to the Superheroines VIP list with a rundown of the changes and also a little couple of little goodies.

Thanks for your patience but I’m really hoping its going to be worth it.

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