New website update, plus a little teaser

So a quick update on where I am with the launch of this new website.

My Objective
I’d always resisted calls to condolidate all four websites into one single website. The reasons included uncertainty, I didn’t want to mix the comics with peril/glamour content, and I just loved the old sites.

But its time to move on and the launch of is an experiment. But I’m not dipping my toe – I’m going all-out in transferring across all comic books, all films, all photo sets and all peril films.

One of the key reasons for doing this is to have a website that is better for visitors, and is also easier to maintain so I can concentrate on actually creating content.

So this takes time
… and what I have done is transferred across the films first and four comic books. But its still not 100% with these – the synopsis for them are wrong and you can’t actually purchase those comic books yet.

What I’m having to do is recreate all the promotional images (because the thumbnail is now larger) and prepare each download for each comic/film/photoset).

You’ll also notices that the Superheroines and Model pages are missing thumbnails – again, I know about this and its a case of creating these new thumbs for each heroine/model – but I know about this.

Hey Jon, I don’t care about the new website, where are the new comics, films and photo sets?
This is what I’m most excited about. In March I’m going to be releasing 3 new updates:

Friday 15th March
New comic book

Friday 22nd March
New photo set

Friday 29th March
New peril film

The order may change, but essentially I’ll be uploading three downloads before the end of the month.

In addition I’ll carry on moving content from the,, and websites to my new website.

Exciting times, huh?

Oh… and you didn’t think I’d sign off without a little teaser did you?

Bionic Woman martial arts expert kicking Power Girl in the face

7 thoughts on “New website update, plus a little teaser

  1. Jon I’m sorry but many of us find it hard to take this site seriously anymore, promise after promise is made but we never see a result!? With months between updates it’s hardly worth the upkeep! Also instead of posting comic book after book, why not start producing clips again, I can assure you that photosets aren’t where the money is. I hope I’m not offending but I just want to speak the community’s thoughts.

  2. Hey thecatsuit, thanks for support! I appreciate your comments and I take the point. But regardless of your thoughts, I’ll still be creating comic books – it has never been about the money for me. I just want to create really good original live-action stories featuring the best superheroines.

    The website consolidation goes some way towards ensuring that I can focus on one website and bashing out as much original content for that site as possible.

    To address your point about the clips – this is my intention, and I have a lot of raw footage here I’ll be working on as soon as I release Miss Power – Powerless.

    I certainly take the point about the broken promises, for which I’m trying to make amends. So, lets have another chat the end of March because I’m really hoping you and others like the new stuff.

    1. Well first off Jon, thank you more than anything for the reply, it’s nice to know that the owner is there and listens to the fans, I literally cant thank you enough!

      Your comment on the comic books seems fair enough to me, there is logic behind your reply! I personally do not see the comic books to be as interesting as the clips but hey, thats just me!

      It’s great to hear you have footage ready for editing / release or whatever, gives me something to look forward to! I personally believe your material beat that of 99% of all other peril sites out there. Don’t bother too much about making up for the promises, your “back and better than ever” and that’s all what I wanted to see!

      One last question for you Jon; Will you ever take custom requests for comic stories or clips? I thought it would be a brilliant opportunity for both sides: You get extra stories and to work with the models (*jealousy kicking in!*) and we get to see our custom ideas brought to life?

      Just a thought…

      1. Hey Catsuit,

        Thanks for getting back. Really good to hear you’re positive. I really hope that this new website and all the work that comes with it is a big ‘show’ that I’m back, I’ve got a fair amount of new content, and I really do have some amazing models contacting ME to appear in the comics/films.

        I have a new comic that will be released on Friday and I’ll be posting a blog and I’ll be sending a newsletter to all the VIPs.

        Once I’ve done this I’ll be drawing a line in the sand, I won’t be apologising any more (I think it gets on peoples nerves), and I’ll be concentrating on delivering something new every 1-2 weeks.

        As for the stories, I’ve always very gratefully accepted story ideas. However, I’ve a new little system I’ll also hopefully be launching on Friday that I really think superheroine fans will love. If I forget to mention it on Friday give me a nudge!

        Thanks man!

  3. Looking forward to more peril clips. Any info as to what the peril video is going to be about? What heroine(s) will be involved? Plotline? Anything you can post will be greatly appreciated.

  4. I have to disagree with catsuit. The photo comics are what set the site apart from the other superheroine sites out there. Here’s hoping they return in full force with enough attention to detail like the comics had in their earlier days.

    Is there anyway we can get more teaser images for Miss Power- Powerless? It’s a long time coming and it’ll be something more to wet our appetites!

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