Shit shit shit

So my fairy tale comeback, devoid of any problems, turned out to be a false hope.

I’ve got a problem with the management system (thanks Grapper and Eric for letting me know) and I need to wait for my developer to fix it tomorrow (Tuesday). This is the equivalent of the bottle being thrown at the launch of a new boat and it not smashing on impact – seemingly disastrous but I’m not superstitious so I know it’ll be okay.

Just gutted that a few people had a pretty crap experience in trying to download a zip file that wasn’t actually there. As soon as he’s in tomorrow evening I’ll grab my guy and we’ll see what the problem is. I’ll then email everyone again – if you are on the Superheroines VIP list and you got your email (which didn’t work), just ignore it until I get it fixed. I’ll then email again.

Thanks guys 🙁

4 thoughts on “Shit shit shit

  1. These things happen. Jon, there are many of us who want your vision to succeed and I am offering any help that I can. I’ve had some trouble with contacting you through the site but I will try again.

  2. Any word yet? Dying to see the comic book!!! At least give us some more teasers to quench the wait!!!

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