So what would you do if this happened

On Thursday I published a post about Submitting Stories and I inserted an old picture of Kyla Cole. She does – of course – look absolutely phenomonal.

So it then got me thinking.

Its Friday, you come home after a long week at work and you know you have your place to yourself for the evening. You’re thinking you’ll crack open a few beers and maybe watch a film right?

You open the door and the first thing you see is Supergirl standing in that pose on your stairs. She looks friendly. Sultry even.

What do you do?
What do you say next?
What movements do you make?
And what do you expect her to say?
What will she do?

Describe exactly how you would like the next 15 minutes to go, after you walk into that door – in your ideal situation.

I’ll describe my ideal situation early next week.

Oh… and nothing TOO smutty. Remember, this is a public blog enjoyed by everyone!

Kyla Cole looking  at you inviting you to bed in her Supergirl costume

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