Tell me your Superheroine Fantasy

Well… not just me, but everyone!

I just created a new section on the website allowing superheroine fans to submit stories or even just snippets of your superheroine fantasy.

It will be shown to the world and other people can then vote for your idea. The best ideas I will then try my hardest to transform or integrate into a superheroine comic book or film.

The hardest part? You have to fit it into 400 characters. So be concise 🙂

1. Go to

2. Click on ‘Add Story’ and enter your superheroine story/fantasy idea into the popup

3. You can also vote for your favourite superheroine stories/fantasies

Some examples? Well it could be a story idea for a comic. Or it could be more detail about a specific way that Supergirl transforms from everyday girl into the Maid of Might.

Whatever it is, I’m going to be reviewing this section every single time I prepare for a comic book or film shoot. So get your ideas in there.

Click here to submit your superheroine story idea or fantasy … or just to vote on others.

Look forward to hearing some of your ideas!

Oh, and a blog post would be complete without a picture of a sexy superheroine would it?!

Kyla Cole in her Supergirl superheroines costume

4 thoughts on “Tell me your Superheroine Fantasy

  1. I have always loved to ware kinky outfits under my cloths thongs and a belt Ilove the power belt is such a personal item and having sumone else undoing it its a turn on

  2. I love to roleplay and ware my kinky thongs and my power belt hidden away under my cloths.and if Ihave a partner we try to catch each other and tied up and slowly strip away there.cloths until there thongs are exposed and there weakness is reviled game on its a turn on

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