My first fictional story – A New Supergirl

So a long time ago I decided I wanted to write my own Supergirl stories – just a few chapters to begin with, but perhaps a few under the same series.

Boy, did I underappreciate how long that takes. Writing takes a long time, especially when you’re never happy with it. I have utter respect for the guys that create massive fictional stories for websites like SuperWomenMania and Diana the Valkyrie. It takes up a lot of time!

The first series I will be working on is A New Supergirl in which I explore how Supergirl’s powers are transferred from a dying Supergirl to a normal female passer-by and how she then copes with the transition from normal girl to the most powerful and beautiful girl on the planet.

Watch out though: I do not start with Day 1 and work upwards. I write depending on how I feel, and the first day I publish is Day 8, her first outing in the Supergirl costume to start cleaning up the city streets.

The first chapter is Day 8. Its Jodie’s first venture out in her new Supergirl costume, and she happens across three violent, drunk men beating up an innocent man. And then the magic happens.

Hope you enjoy it guys.

Supergirl with her arms folded across her breasts

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