Wonder Woman body painting

Love these latin american shows – they feature some absolutely gorgeous women, and in this case I think they have bodypainted this beautiful host, put some kind of board around her neck so she can’t see what she has been painted as, and then she has the play the yes/no game with the audience to guess what she has been painted as.

In this case she has been painted up at Wonder Woman and I gotta say, she looks pretty amazing:

3 thoughts on “Wonder Woman body painting

  1. Juju Salimeni is amazing, she is gorgeous as Aryane Steinkopf as She-Ra, but… By the way, when are you gonna update the website?

  2. I’ll help clean her off.

    Can we get a site update? Your Sasha tease was months ago and I’m losing hope. 🙁 I know stuff happens and life intervenes, but being kept in the dark is so much worse.

  3. I would have to echo the previous post. As there is time to add these–and I do appreciate them–I am even more interested in your work and would hope that you could add the time to update all of us fans who look forward to your next video (ideally that Sasha one that was supposed to come out in mid-December I believe…).

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