the parolee 2

The Parolee 2 – Movie Review (26 photos + Video Trailer)

There are 2 available versions of The Parolee 2 video:
1. The regular version is 27 minutes – The Parolee 2

2. The Extended version is 27 minutes plus 15 minutes of extra footage in a separate file (including fight perils, groping, sex, carries, bearhugs etc) – The Parolee 2 (Extended Cut)

The way that Superia is taken down in this video is not something you want to miss. Gigi Allens rocked the house and she is Superia in the flesh. Brutal back and forth fighting that slowly overwhelms her into perils with 3 sex crazed criminals…

The opening scene was great, the shot at the computer was wonderfully acted and the fighting elements were superb – both the execution and the increasing fatigue.

– 3 vs 1 beat down (Great fight)
– Standing Back Breakers
– Bear hugs
– Low blows
– belly and face punches, kicks, knees
– Groping/Molesting
– Rear choke KO
– Cradle Carry
– Sleepy groping
– Several Forced Orgasms via forced sex
– Topless nudity
– Sonja Blade style stomach kick and more!


Superia saves a young girl from being assaulted by 3 recently paroled criminals who are given the choice of going back to jail or being lab rats for a new government super drug. Superia soon receives a sonic distress call instructing her to come alone to an abandoned warehouse where she finds the 3 Parolee’s ready to fight her with 60-70% of her own strength! Superia is slowly but surely overwhelmed by their attacks and receives a the most humiliating beat down of her life. She then finds herself as a toy for their every desire and pleasure!(Includes 3 vs 1 beat down, low blows, belly punching, standing back breakers, bear hugs, kicks, cradle carry, Kay Oh, several reluctant pleasure and adult situations.

The Parolee 2 Trailer:

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