Alana photo manipulations – submissions

I’m very excited to receive some submissions.

Check these out:

Alana in Supergirl costume lifting an immense barbell
From Marco
Original –

Alana lifting a man by his throat
By Marco
Original –

Alana as Supergirl stopping a car
By Kent
Original –

TheCatSuit also kindly cut Alana out of the background. His link is here:

Thanks guys… keep them coming… they’re awesome!!

2 thoughts on “Alana photo manipulations – submissions

  1. Awesome throat lift photo manipulation!!! Always loved a nice throat lift. Hope to see more in future comics!

  2. Amazing work guys, keep it up! 🙂

    Jon, I would be really happy about a few shots of her leaning forward and blowing, at different angles, hands on her hips, or one hand in front of her lips, as if she was blowing a kiss… I would love to do a superbreath manip! 🙂

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