Alana photo manipulations – submissions

I’m very excited to receive some submissions. Check these out: Alana in Supergirl costume lifting an immense barbell From Marco Original – Alana lifting a man by his throat By Marco Original – Alana as Supergirl stopping a car By Kent Original – TheCatSuit also kindly cut Alana out of the background. His link is here: Thanks guys… keep them coming… … Continue reading Alana photo manipulations – submissions

Supergirl Alana stopping a car

Photomanipulation challenge – Alana

Looking through a bunch of old photosets the other day I stumbled upon the gorgeous Alana – she was one of the first models I worked with, and still to this day one of the best. She is stunning as Supergirl and its a shame I’ve not had the chance to get her back into HQ and get that spandex costume back on again. … Continue reading Photomanipulation challenge – Alana