Supergirl Alana stopping a car

Photomanipulation challenge – Alana

Looking through a bunch of old photosets the other day I stumbled upon the gorgeous Alana – she was one of the first models I worked with, and still to this day one of the best. She is stunning as Supergirl and its a shame I’ve not had the chance to get her back into HQ and get that spandex costume back on again.

But then it got me thinking. Some of you out there are incredibly talented photomanipulation artists. What if I provided some stills of some gorgeous girls and then you guys worked on cutting her out of the current frame and inserting her into some awesome scene.

That would be cool right?

So I thought I’d try it. The following are images of the stunning Alana in her Supergirl costume pulling 5 poses. The following link is to a ZIP file containing the high-resolution images to the thumbs below:

Download high-res images

Feel free to download the images. All I ask is that you get back in touch via email or via the comments and show off your awesome work!

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