A Trip down Superheroine Memory Lane with SuperAngelic, Sooperhero, and more (35 photos)

So, last night was an amazing trip down memory lane. I dug up a bunch of photos from around 1998 to 2004, and I managed to find a lot of amazing superheroine photos and photomanipulations.

This is what I found:

1. SuperAngelic was the guy that made the BEST photomanipulations. He was a master. Where is he now, and why is he not using his crazy skills to make more amazing photomanips? I think his work, and the work of 4F were the ones that stirred my imagination the most.

2. Sooper Hero did all those sets with that girl, and even back then they were publishing short movies.

3. SuperHeroGirls.com launched (I think) with that amazing blonde in the gold outfit. Super super hot

4. SexySuperheroineModels РWho can forget this woman who, whilst not my type, ripped open her schoolgirl costume to reveal a sexy little Supergirl costume!

5. Superheroines.com had sets of Jana Cova and some other girls in awesome costumes, even doing throat lifts!

6. UltraWoman in the Superman TV series was a highlight

7. And then of course Mandi Steele – they even made a couple of films, one of which they turned over a car!!! It was the first time I had seen throatlifts like this, showing Mandi or Adara lifting these men arrogantly, knowing their insane power. I loved it.

8. And then a couple of the rest like Hurricane season.

An awesome trip down memory lane.

What are your highlights – I’m always keen to hear what inspired other people.

And if you’re reading SuperAngelic… give us a shout!!

2 thoughts on “A Trip down Superheroine Memory Lane with SuperAngelic, Sooperhero, and more (35 photos)

  1. Wow! I remember some of those Soopehero.com videos. They had a film where a heroine teleports into a cage and bends the bars. They gave it bionic sound effects and some slow motion. It was hot!

  2. Yes I fondly remember all of these…and of course DanO’s Superheroine Central (which still exists but has only been recycling old stuff for several years) and the early Hawk Heroines, etc (which kind of became Paris Kennedy’s Superheroineworld site). A lot of this stuff seems more amateur now compared to the higher production value work of the likes of Cross the Line, The Rye, The Battle for Earth, Bluestone, Next Global Crisis..or not as sex-targeted as the likes of Primal, Anastasia Pierce, Tara Tainton or XxxtremeComixx. But it was solid gold at the time.

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