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What got me into the Superheroine scene? (and a homage to Mandi Steele)

For every one that visits (or the old websites at,, etc), I wonder about them – How did they get ‘into’ this superheroine scene?

Personally for me, the answer is simple – Supergirl and Wonder Woman.

I was around 5 years old when I first saw the Supergirl Movie and when I first started watching Wonder Woman on TV.

Even at that age, I was mesmerised.

And it wasn’t just because Supergirl and Wonder Woman were hot. It was their strength and their power over the men around them. Their physical strength that allowed them to throw big men around, lift them by their chin, or kick them through a fence.

Of course I’m referring to the ultimate scene:

An innocent Supergirl being confronted with two ugly truckers, and exploring her new physical superiority with such innocence, but also disbelieve that they would even do this to her. I loved it.

Oh, and this magazine set my world alight!

Helen Slater on the cover of Sunday as Supergirl promoting the Supergirl 1984 movie

Of course from the early 1980’s until the early 2000’s there wasn’t a great deal to talk about. The internet wasn’t really that mainstream, there was no catchup TV, no YouTube, no nothing.

With the exception of a few super strong women on programmes like Hercules with Kevin Sorbo, and then kung fu films that featured women that could handle themselves – like China o’Brien – there wasn’t a great deal.

But the internet changed everything. And digital cameras changed everything.

I remember in the late 90’s and early 00’s coming across photomanipulation. Some amazingly talented artists that were a) talented and b) also into Superheroines.

I remember Daubster [] and I remember someone called 4D (I think). He created these amazing photo manips of space girls and Supergirls. (I’ll insert the photo when I find it.

It was the same guy that created this photomanip:


But then everything changed.

One day, in amongst all the forums, the blogger pages, etc I came across Mandi Steele at

And she changed my life! Well… that part of my life.

I’d never seen a woman in a home made Supergirl costume. Or Power Girl. Or the other black Supergirl costume or the red Aurora one.

I was transfixed.

Mandi Steele in a Supergirl costume

Compared to what we have now in 2015 – the Supergirl movie, and a bazzilion different websites catering to Superheroine stuff – the picture above looks a little primitive. And I guess it is. Mandi Steele wasn’t the best looking woman in the world. Nor did she fit my idea of what Supergirl or a superheroine looked like. Nor did she have the type of figure that I expected a superheroine to have.

But she was there on my screen, decked out in a proper spandex Supergirl costume, and in some of the updates, beating the shit out of unsuspecting burglars and lifting them up into the air with a single hand, in knee-high boots, and sometimes in glossy sheer tights/pantyhose.

It was amazing. Absolutely amazing.

And then of course Mandi introduced her ‘sister’ Adara, and Kendall, and the rest of the crew, and I was hooked. I must’ve spent $14.95 for at least 8 years ($1435.20). And it was worth every penny!!

Mandi and Adara Steele in superheroine costumes

The website was a turning point. I don’t know when the website went live and when it finally stopped being updated, but in that time a lot of beautiful women in superheroine costumes appeared on that website. And they were experimenting with special effects, etc.

Have a look at some of the gorgeous models featured on the website:

And I wanted to give it a go myself.

I had no experience in photography, in shooting something, in hiring models, in creating spandex costumes, in anything really. But the crew really inspired me. It wasn’t that I thought I could do better, or that I felt there was anything missing from their content. I just wanted to have a go at something creative (I have a desk job) and see whether I can bring my superheroine and supergirl fantasies to life.

And so I did.

My first shoot was with a girl called Susan – she came along with her boyfriend and we hired a place out in town. Looking back on it now, I had no idea. No idea how to use the camera, no idea how I was going to use the raw footage. And no idea how to direct another human being to do what I needed them to. We had no props, no nothing.

But, at the end of that day, I felt amazing and looking back at some of the photos on the train home, I was very very excited. And I was more excited to publish my work on the web for everyone else to see.

Supergirl at

But I had no website. And I had no way of obtaining payment. And so all that was new. Creating a website myself, getting Verotel/CCBill on board, figuring it all out, etc.

It was fun. And once I launched my website at and I got my first members, I was hooked, and I am lucky enough to have convinced some stunning women to wear some amazing superheroine costumes, and to have convinced a good number of men to get their asses kicked by a bunch of girls!

Of course since then, things have been up-and-down. Personal problems about 4 years ago, coupled with a very demanding job that requires me to travel, means that updates have been sporadic. But I’m hoping to fix that now.

But, I guess in conclusion, I wanted to write this post to give a nod to Mandi Steele, BullyPup, and the other guys behind-the-scenes that made Mandi Steele possible. I know a LOT of people will agree with me that it was the best superheroine website out there for a long long time, and Mandi was stunning in her costume, and the other girls that came on-board were also stunning.

Its a shame it stalled for a bit, and I’m really hoping that one day they will dust off their costumes and shoot a few more.

The Future

I’m still into it. I really am.

But with time pressures, the day-job not letting up, and everything else in between its hard keeping promises. And for that reason I’m not making any. I’ll preview whats coming up and give an indication on when I intend to release, but otherwise its not fair to keep making promises.

I’m looking forward to The Battle for Earth to release Excelsia 2, and I’d be pretty annoyed if it were never released with no reason why. So I get it.

I’m excited to have a few projects lined up.

The Female Future is the one I’m most excited about. The first two stories I have are great! And there is a lot of scope for more. Here is a teaser of just SOME of what is coming.

Thanks again to the team what worked on the Steeles websites – you were an inspiration, and guys discovering the superheroine genre for the first time in 2015 will have no idea how valuable or groundbreaking the website was back in 2000.

Oh, and a final question – anyone know where this image was published, and whether there were any more photos released of this set?

(yes, I can see the domain name in the pic).

Supergirl in white costume beating up a bad guy

8 thoughts on “What got me into the Superheroine scene? (and a homage to Mandi Steele)

  1. hey Jon,

    I’ve talked to you in SWM Chat and as a former costumer of SuperSexyHeroines I truly hope that you can be back on track.

    You also inspired legions of people with plenty of great shoots and comics and videos, and I hope that the future may be as brilliant as the past

    Best regards

  2. Hi Jonx,
    So cool to hear how you started with these projects. To be honest, yours is the work which most perfectly recreates the fantasies I have with super heroines.
    That said, I find it hard to agree when you say “a bazzilion different websites catering to Superheroine stuff”. Of course, there are tons of horny productions with woman dressed as superheroines (a quick look at Clips4Sale is overwhelming). But super girls humiliating guys with their super powers?
    Besides Mandy Steele and your site, I couldn’t really find much more. From my point of view, it’s all about peril and girls getting beat-down. If you check at that’s what its most about. Superheroine throws a few punches at bad guys (or maybe not) and then they get weaken and beaten.
    I have no problems with people fulfilling their fantasies if that’s what they like, but personally I want stunning girls beating up guys with ease, like your videos or Mandy Steele comics.
    If I had to make a list starting with the sites that features woman superiority on top it would go:
    Wicked City Girls (girls might be a bit OP here, but hey, necks breaking everywhere!) (the best, of course)
    Mandi Steele

    From there we go down to KickAssKandy (girls are super martial artists though not superheroines)

    And from this point on it’s all about girls getting beat down. Even Cross The Line and Battle for Earth are not precisely super heroines humiliating guys, it’s more like a regular (cheap) TV soap.

    I understand I’m just complaining about not finding enough sites I like. Do you know any other which offers material like the one you create? Peril is just not my cup of tea and unfortunately (for me) seems to be the most available.

    Kudos on The Future, hope it comes soon!
    (And pardon my English, as you must have guessed, not native).

  3. That was a nice stroll down memory lane, JonX. My love started with The Bionic WOman but much to my amazement when I got access to the internet, I found people like me. In the early 2000s I came across some great sites; I first discovered some Yahoo groups Superfemales, Superfemales 2, etc. I remember downloading clips over a 56k which was torture but the wait added to my excitement! Discovering all these tv shows and movies from other members who generously uploaded content was so great. I’m glad Superwomen Mania FOrums is still active to this day as it’s been a big part in showcasing some of my talent for drawing and getting my art out there. JonX’s sites have been inspirational too. You get the sexiest actresses I’ve seen one being Danica and how you introduced her to us was great. I think it’s helped her career, lol. I understand reality gets in the way of creative endeavors, so no need to apologize but we are glad you are releasing stuff to purchase once and not a subscription model. I for one have been itching to see The Female Future ever since I’ve seen those screenshots. I’m under the impression you have a lot of footage from years past which you can release, recycle, etc. but it’s great to see this stuff. I hope to see more.

  4. Thanks for all the great stuff, man! I think this is one of the very few sites where we can see superheroines kicking ass, rather than being just spanked and subdued…hope you keep this good tradition from Mandi Steele and related sites. By the way, it would be great if all the archives form could be hosted in a new site which could accept paypal (ccbill sucks!)

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