Alyssa Loughran as Power Girl (15 photos)

lyssa Loughran makes a GREAT Power Girl. She’s tall, she’s blonde, she has the curves and the figure… and of course those amazing boobs!

Alyssa Loughran is a fitness model, actress and bikini competitor – the perfect person to play the amazing superheroine Power Girl.

Check out her Facebook page:

Her Instagram:

And check out Jeff Zoet’s page featuring Alyssa:

And a video of Alyssa not in costume on Vimeo:

Jeff Zoet is a visionary. And a lucky man. He was the photographer that put Alyssa Loughran into a sexy Power Girl costume and took some sexy, sultry photos of the busty fitness model.

Photos of Alyssa Loughran:

15 photos of Alyssa dressed up as Power Girl below:

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