Hey all, I’ve been bombarded with emails asking when the next release is. Since DNA Disaster we’ve had a few obstacles to overcome behind the scenes, but it looks like everything has been resolved now and I am now able to release the next movie. As you may know, the new movie features Danica. As usual she looks stunning, and in the new movie … Continue reading schedule

Horny Hypnosis [Movie]

If you guys are into hypnosis and hypnotic states, you make like the latest release from Here’s the synopsis: “If you had a fear of flying and your ‘job’ required you to overcome your fear, you’d see a hypnotist, right? And you’d trust that hypnotist not to take advantage of you when you were not in control of your actions, right? And you’d think … Continue reading Horny Hypnosis [Movie]

SuperheroineFilms – DNA Disaster

Latest film at SuperheroineFilms – grab it here: The amazing Superwoman is helping one of the world’s best scientists in creating a technology that can help so many people. But after years of with no recognition and financial reward the scientist happens upon the idea of cloning Superwoman to create his own super strong heroine. When Superwoman returns as her alter-ego to cover the … Continue reading SuperheroineFilms – DNA Disaster – do you mind hearing about releases?

Well, the videos have certainly caused a stir! After reading some of the comments on this post here, I questioned myself on whether: “Do the readers of the blog want to know about updates to the website?” I think most people know now that I look after the website, plus, and So it makes sense for me to … Continue reading – do you mind hearing about releases?

New movie

Hey all, just wanted to let you know that I have just released my first film on the website. It is called ‘Superheroine Serum’ and features the same two stunning actresses from Superheroine Hypnosis. Below are a few captures from the website – these are the PG-rated ones… more adult themed ones on the website. WARNING – is an adult website. Continue reading New movie update – A Super Wish pt2

Just been to the website and they’ve only just released Part 2 of A Super Wish. The film stars the absolutely gorgeous Danica as Supergirl, and not only do we see her looking amazing in the Supergirl costume, but she performs a few superheroine feats too. Hats off to the guys – the film is great and I can definitely say that they’re … Continue reading update – A Super Wish pt2

Superheroine Films update – Wrong Side

Hey guys, the guys at updated their website today with a really cool Wonder Woman film called Wrong Side. I’ve download it, and I think its great. The actress (Fundal) is absolutely stunning, she really is. There are a few promo pictures of her on the website, and I’m sure you’ll agree that she makes a fantastic Wonder Woman. Hope you enjoy. Here are … Continue reading Superheroine Films update – Wrong Side

Superheroine Films update – Blind Date

Those guys at certainly know how to keep me begging for more! Their updates are getting nearer and nearer the first of the month, so here’s hoping that the next update will be on the 1st July! (just ribbing you guys!) I think Blind Date is their best film. The story was actually written by Argonaut (I know this because I’m creating my version … Continue reading Superheroine Films update – Blind Date update

Like you I’ve been eager for the latest update, and this afternoon I helped them with some minor changes to the website, and the release of their next video clip: Ultimate Girl: Bracelet I’ve downloaded it, and personally, I love it. The actress is absolutely stunning and I think gives a really great acting performance. I think it may be her first acting job. … Continue reading update

Delays at

Just been browsing and saw that in a thread about there was something about a Mac being stolen. I had a look at the website and indeed there is a message about how the Mac and a camera were stolen. Well, taking the positives out of it, at least we know they’re still there. And we can only assume they’ll be updating … Continue reading Delays at finally launches

Its give me great pleasure to finally say that as of this morning has launched with the guy’s first movie. Its called ‘Superwoman: The Forger’ and I think its absolutely great: 1. Beautiful Supergirl – tick 2. Great costume – tick (I would say that!) 3. Good storyline – tick 4. Super strength – tick! 5. Special effects – tick, with heat vision, flying, … Continue reading finally launches