New website update, plus a little teaser

So a quick update on where I am with the launch of this new website. My Objective I’d always resisted calls to condolidate all four websites into one single website. The reasons included uncertainty, I didn’t want to mix the comics with peril/glamour content, and I just loved the old sites. But its time to move on and the launch of is an … Continue reading New website update, plus a little teaser

Changes: what is going on?!

So you may have noticed there are a lot of changes happening. A new domain name ( and a consolidation of SuperSexyHeroines, SuperheroineFilms, SuperheroinesPeril, SuperheroineNetwork and UltraSexyHeroines all into a single website. You’ll also notice that only a few of the comic books are live and that there are a lot of thumbnails missing from the Superheroine and Model galleries. I’m aware of all this … Continue reading Changes: what is going on?!

Hey Superheroine Lovers!! Become a Superheroine VIP today absolutely FREE! But what do you get as a Superheroine VIP you may ask? Sign up today and along with hundreds of other Superheroine VIPs you’ll get: 1. Monthly/periodic newsletter with previews, special offers and more 2. Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage 3. Sneak previews of upcoming movies, comics and photoshoots 4. Discounts on videos and photosets 5. Invitations … Continue reading

Member and community Support and Feedback

I’m keen to improve on: a) help and support on all websites I look after b) obtaining and acting upon suggestions on how to improve the website, the comic books, the movies, etc So I have created two accounts: GetSatisfaction This is for you guys to get in touch if you have a problem with your membership, with a website, or any general support … Continue reading Member and community Support and Feedback

New superheroine costume

So next week I’m meeting my friend who creates all my costumes for me. She’s in retirement but after a lot of begging I’ve managed to convince her that for the sake of hundreds of superheroine fans that want to see their favourite sexy models in tight superheroine costumes, she has agreed to create some new ones for me. She digs the whole superheroine thing … Continue reading New superheroine costume

WTF! What is going ON?

This post will be short, sharp and to the point. SuperSexyHeroines – is overdue four updates as of today. UltraSexyHeroines – hasn’t had an update since December 2010 SuperheroineFilms – no new film for a couple of months SuperheroinePeril – no new film for a couple of months I’m a little ashamed, and I’m getting everything updated the next couple of weeks. Why the lack … Continue reading WTF! What is going ON?

What do you think of my new Wonder Woman costume?

I think I said a while ago I got a brand new Wonder Woman costume created – I wanted something a little less ‘spandex’ and a bit more like the original costume. The following pictures are from the website. The photographer there was the first to use the costume in a shoot a couple of weeks ago. As you can see, the model (Charly) … Continue reading What do you think of my new Wonder Woman costume?

Taking on the new websites – my thoughts so far

Okay, so things aren’t as straight forward as I first thought! I’m putting together this post, just to tell you guys what is going on, the problems I’m having, and to address a few questions. I guess the best way to do this is by sectioning this post. Am I taking on too much? I would guess it would seem so from where you guys … Continue reading Taking on the new websites – my thoughts so far

New Wonder Woman outfit

Just as I am looking at some new Wonder Woman outfits for the website, Wonder Woman gets a makeover!!! Check out the new costume below. Some links: Continue reading New Wonder Woman outfit

Note to spammers – i.e. eric, tomas, gary, etc

Hey all, Just seen comments from Gary/Tomas. This is the same bozo that repeatedly spams this blog nearly every day, telling me how I’m ‘european white trash’, how the website is rubbish, and how I’m ‘fake’. He also insults me with comments about my family, how the website is rubbish, how other websites are much better, and makes racist insinuations. Its also the same guy … Continue reading Note to spammers – i.e. eric, tomas, gary, etc – launching soon

An interesting new project in the Superheroine genre: I was contacted a while ago by a guy wanting to create a definitive online central hub for all things superheroine. We spoke, he outlined his idea and I loved it. The website hasn’t actually launched yet but I have – along with a few other superheroine content providers – agreed to provide with some … Continue reading – launching soon


So I’m thankful for your feedback on your favourite models you’d like to see back on the site, your favourite costumes, and your favourite superheroine super powers. I then thought back to a previous post on how to make the SuperSexyHeroines website better and there were some great storyline ideas on there. So I guess I’m opening the forum for you guys to tell me … Continue reading Storylines